Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kalvin Korff CAUGHT YET AGAIN!!!!

Well now here we go AGAIN catching Kalvin Korff red handed. Poor, dumb and desperate Kalvin just doesn't know when to quit no matter how many times he gets CAUGHT! Kalvin appears to be a glutton for public humiliation so I suppose I should give him more.

Kalvin said long ago,and now conveniently removed from his website, that the Special Secret Services would be funding the legal defense of Kalvin's brother. Kalvin even claimed that he would be traveling to the scene of the crime to do some CSI style work himself!

Here now are Kalvin's claims EXPOSED as utter BULLSHIT before the world once again. Not only did Kalvin NOT do any work at the scene of the crime committed by his CONVICTED FELON brother who tried to run a cop over with a car, the laughable Special Secret Services, and they are "special" all right, funded not one penny of Kalvin's brother's legal defense.

Instead by choosing to try and assault a cop with a car and taking no personal responsibility, Kalvin's brother wasted thousands and thousands in taxpayer dollars by having the Oregon Indigent Defense Fund pay for his defense. And while Kalvin keeps bringing up the cost of a forensic examination of the shooting and a hefty $90,000 price tag, it seems this is just more poop pouring out of Kalvin's mouth.

Some may note that Kalvin has been throwing the name Jim Pex around. Mr. Pex was asked about his cost in this and this is the message sent out by Mr.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jim Pex
Date: Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 9:52 AM
Subject: Re: Kurtis Korff Shooting Case
To: **** ******

I was retained by the Oregon indigent defense fund for Korff. I do not have an office in D.C. but travel to the east coast regularly on casework. I will lecture to the Naval Justice School in Newport,RI on the 21st of this month. I have worked military cases from Alaska to Iraq. My most recent retained case on the east coast was in New Hampshire. My rate is $250/hr .

So are we to actually think that Mr. Pex spent three-hundred sixty hours doing this work? I find that hard to believe. So Kalvin's brother hit up taxpayers for $90,000 to fund this defense? And Kalvin has now changed his story from his brother being an "innocent" hitch hiker to not "choosing his friends more carefully". Kalvin Korff has now also been caught in another LIE by changing his story about his brother several times now! Dumb and desperate Kalvin will say anything to be right no matter how outlandish it is or how much of a lie it amounts to. And all at the expense of hard working taxpayers fleeced by another convicted criminal.

And where are these documents supposedly coming from in Washington, DC? Mr. Pex doesn't have an office there. Kalvin, you need to seriously work on getting your facts straight. Of course we all know how unreliable you are in the credibility department now since you were exposed as a LIAR who committed SLANDER.

Kalvin Korff CAUGHT AGAIN playing games and trying to put his own spin on the truth. This is how consumers are MISLEAD when someone like Kalvin annoints himself the light of truth and gets caught FAR too many time LYING. Kalvin, where is this twenty-five million dollars you're supposed to have? You must be selling a lot of iPods to fund the Special Secret Services, Kalvin, you complete crackpot.


Anonymous said...


I hope you'll get around sometime to Kal's preposterous claim to be an Armenian speaker (!!!), as forwarded by me some time ago.

Two in the head equals dead said...

Thanks Kal for having your dirtball brother cost Oregon taxpayers nearly $100G to defend his worthless ass. Your brother has a criminal record longer than my whole body. If that shithead tried to run me over with a car I would have blown his brains out and saved the taxpayers all that money and time. BLAM-O! It may sound crude but I get sick of our system supporting low life assholes who victimize hard working decent people and then get everything at the expense of the same decent people. Your brother is vermin and I wonder just how long it will be before he's back in jail. That right! Kal never shared with the world that his brother was found guilty of a felony attempted assault charge. Or that his brother was also found guilty of being a felon in possession of a weapon. This is your 'innocent' brother Kal? Tried and convicted by a jury of his peers and he plead out on the weapons charge because he knew he couldn't beat it. Three years and three months in prison for being 'innocent'? Ha!

Anonymous said...

I see Korff has stooped low and is so desperate to get Kevin Randle to engage him that Korff is now comparing Kevin's Roswell writings to Nazi propaganda. Go to youtube and see for yourself.

Korff has been spouting the same nonsense about Paul Kimball, Mac Tonnies, Royce Myers, David Biedney, Don Ecker, Gene Steinberg and others going on two years now. Two years!

And what has Korff accomplished? Korff hasn't made good on a single legal threat he's made. Korff hasn't made good on all the people he said would be arrested and prosecuted. Korff hasn't published one book in his silly 500 book deal. Korff hasn't produced an actual television show. Korff never did release this supposed 9 volume Roswell series he claimed would be released just prior to the July 2007 Roswell UFO festival. Korff even claimed he was going to send the city of Roswell "stunning" material and get the festival shut down and was "going after" the city of Roswell. Again, not any of this has happened and it won't because Korff is full of shit.

Korff has yet to deliver on any of his big promises and everyone knows he won't. The guy can't even get one fucking book published that he actually did have a deal for!

Kal K. Korff = bullshit to the nth degree.

Brad said...

Hey, I help because I love.

I really feel sorry for Mr. Pex as he now has this lunatic as an albatross around his neck. I don't think Kal has ever even talked to Mr. Pex, which is a good thing (for Pex). From what the family friend of the Korff's said a few days ago, Kal's mom was providing his attorney on the felony charges, and I'm sure her lawyer arranged for Pex to handle the forensics of the shooting. In that scenario I can see the Indigent Defense Fund helping out.

Now, I generally agree that folks living of the teat of the government should be looking for ways to get off and using as little of government money as they can, but in the case of the Indigent Defense fund I find myself rather torn. If the government doesn't provide funds for lawyers and experts then a "fair" trial will only be the privilege of the rich (or financially well off) and as a result people could be punished simply for being poor. Even as it stands, the rich will have an edge in court as they can not only afford experts, but better experts than what the state can provide in most cases (look at O.J. as an example). As to how these funds are funded, I pulled this from the National Center for State Courts:

"Twenty-three states fund their trial system exclusively through state funds, 11 states exclusively through county funds, and 16 states through a combination of state and county funds. A 1999 survey conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that the 100 largest county governments provided 60 percent, and state governments 25 percent, of total funding used by indigent criminal defense service providers. In addition, a growing number of states rely on filing fees, cost recovery, or court costs assessments from civil litigants and criminal defendants to help fund indigent defense. For more information see Table 17, "Trial Court Expenditures and Funding Sources for Selected Expenditure Items," David B. Rottman, et al, State Court Organization 2004."

We also need to take into account that although Mr. Pex generally charges $250/hr. for his services, I'm sure that the state Indigent Defense Fund allows for a substantially lower pay rate.

Keeping all that in mind, it still doesn't change the fact that good ol' Kal lied through his teeth again, and, according to the aforementioned family friend, spewed his BS on how S3 was coming to the states to handle all this to his own family. I'm sure Kal's mom just sat there and listened to his rants all the while trying to figure out how she was going to pay for the defense of her other son. For her I feel nothing but pity. One son is a twice convicted felon and the other is running around Europe playing cloak and dagger games....


Squonkamatic said...

That Special Secret Super Services uniform picture is really something else. The camo pattern is a civilian hunting design & has nothing to do with any military organization. The badge and service flash are spurious, the commando harness is mismatched, and he has this challenging expression on his face that says "SEE? YOU MAY BE AN ACTUAL MAJOR IN THE RESERVES BUSTING CAPS IN GENUINE COMBAT, BUT I AM A SUPER SECRET SUPER DUPER SAPSTOE COLONEL! GO SIT ON IT, RANDLE." Your average disturbed 12 year old cobbling together a Halloween costume could come up with something more convincing looking.

But it's another example of how to Korff once he has made a picture or video or press announcement and put it on the internet where it's live and public, it becomes REAL and anyone who questions what the holy fuck is going on here automatically becomes guilty of LIES and SLANDER by not accepting the fantasy at face value. I had some free time last night and actually did watch a few of his video clips on YouTube that I hadn't viewed before in there entirety (I usually make it through about three minutes and then am so embarrassed for the guy that I have to switch them off) and the level of conviction in his eyes & voice is genuinely frightening at times. The video where he threatens LEGAL ACTION AGAINST ROYCE MEYERS III is probably the creepiest of all because you can tell that *something* had happened which had genuinely driven him over an edge of some sort. He is almost shaking with trauma, just like an explosion had gone off next to him or something, and is barely able to contain himself enough to form complete sentences.

That this something was just viewing a privately owned web page or three run by somebody who he himself had fostered a conflict with is sad. IT'S JUST INFORMATION, KAL!! You need to get over this sense of personal wounding by not having been included in the UFO Hall of Fame, which is just a series of web pages concocted by some guy in his spare time. That he would take it so seriously as to have it become the motivating influence in his life demonstrates that Korff isn't playing with a full deck, and ample evidence abounds that indeed HE CAME THAT WAY.


Anonymous said...

He got a bit wound up on his latest Randle rant (episode 22).
He started off in a normal tone of voice, but 5 minutes later his pitch went up a full octave. Lost control and had to scream 'That's BULLSHIT!'.
That tells you something about him, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

It's people like Kalvin Korff, and his backward ass troglodyte family that give us the case for Eugenics.

Anonymous said...

I can hard believe the bullshit Korff wrote in that Czech newspaper about his brother being an "innocent hitchhiker". His brother was identified as being in the house when burglary and assault was going on. His crime buddies ratted him out that he was also there. Kurtis Korff has prior arrests. None of this we see in Kal's article and that's pure deception and fraud. To bad we have so many megalomaniac assholes in the world of ufology who think they have the monopoly on truth.

BritinPrague said...

Kal's YouTube video "Paul Kimball GETS EXPOSED for making FALSE CLAIMS" has been deleted. This is the one in which he pledges to "nail" OJ Simpson. It also forms the background to the spoof YouTube posting "Secret Boors" - Vol. 1, which was posted by Redstar Films. Redstar Films is run by ... Paul Kimball!

Anonymous said...

Check out the photo of the bungee jumper on page 9:

What a devil-may-care sense of humor our super spy has!

Anonymous said...

A photo of a man soiling himself with fear. On a so-called English language teaching page. What was our debonaire man of mystery thinking? What were his publishers thinking? Dear God...

Anonymous said...

Well I had business in the city today. Went snooping around after I finished at several of Kal's favorite haunts (Red Hot and Blues, Andel, Jama, Globe, Bohemia Bagel) no Korff sightings to report.

Nice day in Prague today, much better than the cold yesterday.

F1 Racer
Francis Underwood
Letna, Prague
formerly Burlington, VT

BritinPrague said...

F1 Racer ... Mr Underwood. I'm astonished to find you still alive. I'd have thought that the Special - nay, Super Special - Secret Services would have liquidated you by now.

Anonymous said...

Pex must be cursing having Kal Korff dropping his name. Kal, you should stop dragging good people down in your tirades you moron. Pex is a respected professional, unlike you.

And stop trying to incorporate the shooting of your family member into your S3 nonsense. It really is bad enough your brother nearly got killed and is spending years in prison. I only can imagine how your poor mother must feel about all your rantings and dragging your family's shame into the public spotlight.

Kal, your brother tried to run a police officer over. That is reality. Your brother is in prison after being convicted by a jury of his peers. Reality.

Kal, did you not claim you secretly got the sheriff involved in your brother's shooting elected to office, and that you made sure he was in place to get rid of all this supposed corruption. Did you not, Kal, also say he was "officially" cooperating with you?

What did happen to all these jail operations, "official" investigations, and lawsuits you stated as fact were happening?

And did you ever stop once to think, Kal, that your crazy rantings might have played a role in the final outcome of your brother?

You likely garnered your brother's case a lot of unwanted attention by claiming corruption and cover up. You might want to think about how you could have more positively impacted your brother's situation. You've only said you wanted justice. Justice was served, Kal, it just wasn't to your liking.

Kal, the sad truth is you rail against these self-perceived injustices when things don't go your way. This is your way of coping with an unpleasant reality you won't face: the world is the way it is, not the way you think it should be.

Kal, you need to stop blaming conspiracies, corruption, consumer fraud, and slander every time something happens that you don't like or when someone disagrees with you or questions you.

You are very transparent, Kal. Everyone sees through your games and you've exposed yourself for what you really are: a facade of broken dreams and unfulfilled aspirations.

Anonymous said...

There actually was a lawsuit filed in this case. The date: Feb. 25, 2008.
The plaintiff: Kurtis Kern Korff
Defendents: Geiger, Johnson, et al
Charge: Civil Rights violation
Damages sought: $3,000,000.00

How come Kal has never mentioned this?


Anonymous said...

Yes, that lawsuit does exist and it has absolutely nothing to do with Kal or his supposed S3. Kal would like everyone to think it is the result of something he has done, but it isn't. Is Kal's name anywhere on that lawsuit? Fuck no and the lawyers involved are well aware of what a fucking nut Kal is and they don't want Kal within a million miles of this.

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff certainly loves to try and associate his claims with things that are happening so he can give the appearance that he has some power, which he doesn't. Korff can't even deliver the goods on Ray Santilli and has to ride on Philip Mantle's coattails.

This reminds me, Korff tried to claim that Mantle would be among the first to get a book published under Korff's ludicrous claim of a 500 book deal. Mantle's book wasn't published by Korff, it was published by an online company that has no association with Korff.

Korff has a record of riding on the work of others, just read his Roswell book and you'll see it has little original research. Korff and Michael Horn have a lot in common as they both just repeat what others have already said or written.

Brad said...

Speaking of Ray Santilli, did anyone happen to read anything about him being picked up and arrested by Scotland Yard? Anything at all?

And here I thought Kal was going over and providing Scotland Yard with all that additional evidence to nail Santilli to the wall for fraud.

I guess this is just another example of how those rank amateurs in Great Britain can't hold a candle to the greatness that is S3. I mean, Avim could have him in custody in a metter of hours and that honeypot Martina would have him singing like a bird before Kal's breakfast burrito gets finished in the microwave....


Anonymous said...

The idea that Kalvin K. Korff, international moron of mystery works for a secret agency wouldn't be out of the realm of possibilities.

Did anyone ever see the movie "Spies Like Us"?

Kalvin K. Korff could very well be a spy. Only, not the kind of spy he thinks he is. He could be one of those decoy spies.

Then again, I could be Ronald Reagan typing all of this from the great beyond.

If Kal Korff is associated with some super secret agency, and is divulging that fact to the world, then he should have been eliminated for exposing himself, and the agency he works for.

It's like watching all these clowns who claim to have worked for the CIA in public. If you have worked for them, they won't acknowledge it. For reasons of security, they will never reveal any agents, as revealing one, would reveal many.

Korff knows just enough about how governments work, to make himself look somewhat legitimate, but those of us who know Kal, know that he's about as much James Bond, as Brian the dog from Family Guy.

Kalvin Korff is a fucking total fraud. He knows nothing about anything, and for ANYONE in the media to give the dumbass the time of day is a joke.

Every last one of the producers for the shows he's been on, regrets ever even meeting, or knowing who he is. He's fooled a lot of people in the media, and in the UFO field.

Who is responsible for Kal Korff being what he is? Stanton Friedman. Stanton took the moron under he wing, and mentored him, until Stanton figured out that Korff was a fucking retard.

I would love for Stanton Friedman to come on here, and tell us all what a total douche Korff is, and why he dumped Korff's ass on a curb.

Anonymous said...

Actually, that link KalIsAnIdiot provided in this post ( provides as good an illustration as any of “Colonel” Korff’s spectacular lack of qualifications to be penning an English teaching column.

For example:

Kurtis Korff, age 39, was in a car which was being driven by several men.
---The car was being driven by several men? All at the same time?!!!

Ironically, in a few moments, he would get shot by police in this car he was merely a passenger in, who didn’t even know who he was.
---um, what?

They had entered a man’s home, robbed him, and also hit him physically.
---as opposed to hitting him “non-physically”?

After they left, this man thankfully was able to call 911 and the police responded as they rightfully should.
---as opposed to “as they mistakenly should”? Or what?

To help insure public safety, the state and Feds will kick in money to fund what are called county sheriff’s, who help keep the peace.
---you never did figure out the difference between “insure” and “ensure”, did you “Colonel”?

Anonymous said...

Korff to star in a REAL TV film.


Anonymous said...


If that doesn't make Korff go nuts and threaten to sue I don't know what will.

Anonymous said...

Paul Kimball, is a GOD.

Seriously, Paul my hat is off to you for pulling off one of the greatest feats in human history, exposing Kalvin K. Korff for the fraud he is.

Did you talk to all the television producers like Robert Kiviat? Did you talk to Stanton Friedman?

There's a bunch of people you need to talk to to round out the complete and abject lunacy that is Korff.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe it. I think Mr Kimball is simply spoofing Kal's own promises regarding "impending" tv shows....

Anonymous said...

"Paul Kimball, is a GOD."

This sounds like the same guy who wrote the Kal Korff song. Why is it that you don;t post that info on this blog, all that stuff about Stan and Robert and the rest of it?

You always say you know so much about Korff but offer nothing other than the same tiresome "call this person, call that person, they'll tell you everything."

If you've got something to say or some info on Korff, then spit it out already or shut up!

Anonymous said...

I don't post what I know, because I'm trying to respect the wishes of the people in question.

I did my own little investigation of Korff when Kolonel Krackers started harassing me.

I suggest that everyone simply contact everyone in the media who has ever dealt with him. It's just that simple.

If Paul Kimball, or anyone else who is in this business were to contact the people in question, they would do a much better job of outing Kol. Colostomy.

I know from my conversations with a few of these people that it was only after the fact that they found out what a joke Korff was. The worst part, is that nobody wants to look like a moron, or a fool, which is exactly what Korff has done.

He has in fact made many people look foolish.

Talk to Robert Kiviat. He's still in the Los Angeles area. He's even in the book.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Paul Kimball, is a GOD."

" This sounds like the same guy who wrote the Kal Korff song. Why is it that you don;t post that info on this blog, all that stuff about Stan and Robert and the rest of it?

You always say you know so much about Korff but offer nothing other than the same tiresome "call this person, call that person, they'll tell you everything."

If you've got something to say or some info on Korff, then spit it out already or shut up!"

Welcome to this blog Kalvin.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, not Kal. Kal wouldn't have the balls to stop by here or acknowledge this blog existed. I just get tired of someone saying they have all this info but they never want to post it up! If this stuff is true then I want to hear it about that numbskull Kal. Why would someone say names but not put it up anonymously for all to see???????

Anonymous said...

For starters, I have nothing in print. I wish I did. I have nothing but conversations off the record with the people in question.

Unless you just want hearsay and conjecture, which does NOTHING in the way to really prove that Korff is a fraud, you should make the effort to call some of these people, and correspond with them.

When you have nobody who will speak on the record that creates a problem. I think it has to do with the fact that if they did, Kal would have plenty of opportunity to actually sue someone.

Anonymous said...

Come clean Kal! Stop misleading consumers with your lies!