Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kalvin Korff CAUGHT erasing DATA and HIDING FACTS

To no surprise Kalvin Korff has been CAUGHT AGAIN covering up data and facts in a contrived attempt to cover his tracks from the HUMILIATION of his long promised KPMG audit being EXPOSED as a FRAUD! To have fallen on your own face so many times for the world to see must be utterly HUMILIATING for Kalvin Korff.

A little over A YEAR AGO Kalvin wrote on his website as FACT that the KMPG audit of flying saucer author Kevin Randle's book on the Roswell flying saucer was taking place and Kalvin's "backers" were paying for the audit. In Kalvin's own words from August 2, 2007 We first announced several months ago that our investors were going to hire KPMG to audit Mr. Kevin Randle and prove to the world what we have been saying all along and for more than 10 years now, that Kevin Randle's Roswell UFO 'research' and claims of alien bodies being secretly hidden by the U.S. Government are a bunch of hooey and nonsense, they are in fact a libel and slander against the good name of the U.S. Governmet and the hard working honorable men and women in its military," explained Kal Korff, the President and CEO.

Kalvin even posted a video claiming the audit to be occurring while Kalvin stood outside of the office of KPMG. The video has now been DELETED by Kalvin! And to prove that Kalvin made this statement as FACT I took a picture of Kalvin's old website. I also took the liberty of contacting KPMG and the company has NEVER heard of Kal K. Korff, Kevin Randle, and knows nothing about any audit of a lying saucer book! There is NO audit!

If this is not the case then Kalvin, WHERE IS THE AUDIT you claimed was taking place OVER A YEAR AGO???

Kalvin Korff CAUGHT AGAIN misleading consumers with his absurd claims and broken promises.

A side note here - I will be referring to Kalvin as 'Kal' from here on as one person pointed out it can be confusing to a degree with the names 'Kalvin' and 'Kevin', though I am quite sure no one would confuse that imbecile Kalvin with Dr. Kevin Randle even under the most extreme circumstances.

"As Promised!" my ass, Kal. The only thing you can rely on Kal Korff for is his lunatic claims and for him to not follow through on the big promises. Just look at this alien autopsy business. I'm sure Kal is joke of the day over tea and crumpets with that group.

" So I am known as a man who gets things done and seems to be able to figure things out." The words of Kal Korff coming full circle to bite him right in the ass. No Kal, you are known as a bad joke with a big mouth.


Anonymous said...

God bless you, KIAI.
No, I like the name "Kalvin". Please keep it. What do the rest of you think, devoted followers of this blog?

Brad said...

Looks like the "Kernal" is busy trying to recreate his site with Joomla.

I never thought a respected engineer from Apple would need a CMS for PC's to put together a web site.


Anonymous said...

Is 'Kalvin' an Internet terrorist? Korff seemed to use his site, when it worked, to fire shots and then take them down after a few weeks or even days. It seemed strange to me that kooks would not archive anything, especially when the mandate of his site is supposed to be research.

I think Korff just says this stuff to see if he can cause it. When the stunt seems unreliable, he tries to erase and then replace with something new.

Sad but true, it seems today nothing seems to work for Mr. Korff. This blog is exposing him. I wonder if he crashed his own site? I wonder if Korff is trying to disapear? Will he attack again?

Anonymous said...

There is a real Kalvin K. Korff, age 67, living in California.
How about using Kal's Czech name of Kala K. Korffa?


Anonymous said...

Why dont we just use the name Kal is usually called by most everyone...fucktard.

F1 Racer
aka Francis Underwood

Anonymous said...

"There is a real Kalvin K. Korff, age 67, living in California."

That's Kal's father. Give him a call and see what he has to say about his demon spawn.

Kal can keep erasing and having his site hacked, there are those of us who have mirrors of every site he's ever had up. You can run, Kal, but you can't hide.

Anonymous said...

All of the following excerpts come from Kal's website from November of last year. It'd be lovely if you could find them with your archive search facility and highlight them on this blogsite.

"After finishing a counter-terrorism raid which netted some al-Quaeda connected suspects, Colonel Korff just recently returned from Oregon where he went undercover, first by shaving his head completely bald, and then by meeting with various lawyers, Federal officials, and key members of the media.”

“Colonel Kal Korff helps Prague police in their attempts to stop Neo-Nazis from marching through the Jewish Quarter of town on the anniversary of Hitler's KristallNacht. Korff shaved his head to "blend in" with Nazis, skinheads and anarchists to "misdirect" them through town and steer them to police, who arrested dozens of people.”

"Since that time, Colonel Korff has been communicating directly with Sheriff Gilbertson and is making nanotechnology components available to him to help fight corruption, courtesy of the Israeli founded Special Secret Services. Gilbertson will decide if he cares to use it."

"Nanotechnology is being used now to help eliminate terrorists. It is truly one of the last, and final frontiers where this war can be fought and still won. It is currently being deployed in Pakistan right now and Afghanistan, under my initiatives and in operations that I command."

Anonymous said...

This also made me howl with both anger and rage (from round about the same time:

"Colonel Kal Korff has been chosen to be the Host and official spokesman for a series of upcoming spots on Missile Defense technologies and the proposed Missile Defense Systems which are being constructed as part of a global, international effort.

Korff was tapped for this high visibility project because he is a popular media figure, has longstanding expertise on the subject dating back to his tenure at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and is a polarizing figure on many popular issues.

Kal Korff has agreed to do all of the public service announcements for free, in the spirit of true public service."

Anonymous said...

And finally, a variation on the same theme (again from his website, again from round about the same time) - the buffoon couldn't even get his story straight on this one:

"CriticalThinkers.org announced today that its President and CEO, Colonel Kal Korff, has been invited to participate in an upcoming panel of experts by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) concerning the proposed Missile Defense Shield which is being planned for the countries of Poland and the Czech Republic."

Anonymous said...

Kal, the lawsuit-threat-bully. It's so pathetic.

Anonymous said...

If I were that dipshit Kal Korff I'd be hiding all the nutty shit I've said too. Why the fuck would KMPG ever waste their time "auditing" a book? KMPG does financial work, IT DOES NOT audit works of literature and wouldn't waste its time on something as meager as UFOs. Hell, it'd be bad for their business to even think about having UFOs attached to their international reputation as one of the world's leading financial auditing businesses in the world.

Where does that deluded shithead Kal Korff dream this nonsense up? kal should stick to posting out of date music videos to his website and stay out of things he doesn't know the first thing about.

Anonymous said...

So where is the proof Korff met "with various lawyers, Federal officials, and key members of the media." ?????

No one in the legitimate media who had an inkling about Korff's rantings and crazy claims would come within a mile of him, let alone give him the time of day.

Korff has to be on some sort of Homeland Security list for nuts. This KPMG audit stuff is hilarious LOL Did Kevin Randle publish his financial affairs in a book?

This KPMG stuff is the stupidest and lamest attempt at threatening someone I have ever seen, as are all of Korff's legal and other threats. Korff is just a boner with an enormous mouth, ego, and fantasy life. Ignore the stupid bitch and he practically stalks you. Call him on his bullshit and the threats never end.

How do you know Korff is bullshitting you? He's talking.

Squonkamatic said...

It's too bad Kal can't actually go to England to participate in this BBC panel of experts on missile defense. If he did, the second he stepped off the plane onto British soil he'd be subject to extradition treaties between the US & Great Britain. And as someone else points out he is probably on a watch list for wanted expatriates who have warrants or legal summons waiting for them. The minute he books a flight or tries to get an entry pass the information will show up on a database and if he actually does board the flight his buddies from Scotland Yard will be waiting to slap the cuffs on the instant he de-planes.

ANY and ALL talk by Kal Korff of doing anything outside of Czech Republic or any other country without an extradition treaty with the US is almost assuredly categorical bullshit. He is in CR for a reason and most likely that reason is to be beyond the grasp of US legal jurisdiction. Unless the BBC is planning on doing a satellite hookup from Kal's apartment with that handy-dandy bookshelf behind him there is no way he is participating in any panel of experts over anything. The guy is a deluded mental case, saw this story breaking in the news and in his Walter Mitty mindset decided that he would be participating in the story in some important manner.

What he will probably do is post a "press release" announcement from his "public relations" wing and a YouTube video bullshitting about how he advised the panel from behind the scenes, almost surely taking credit for some minor detail that somebody else worked hard to contribute -- That is, IF the BBC is actually having this "panel of experts" do anything at all, since the agreement is between the United States and Poland; Britain has nothing zilch notta to do with it. It's just another LIE from the SAPSTOE that extends his fantasy into current events. Kal Korff is a LIAR and a FRAUD and a CHEAT and a COWARD and a SNEAK and a LOSER who is even so pathetic that he LIES about his own age. Which by the way I bet you a greenback Yankee dollar Martina found him out on and split: That's why we haven't seen or heard from her since May 13, which is when I started to raise this very basic issue about him not being anywhere near 36 years old. If he is lying about that, what else is he lying about? And WOMEN HATE MEN WHO LIE TO THEM.


Philc said...

Speaking of former female partners, I'm wondering if KIAI found out any more information on why Ms. Kocis ran for her life after working with Korff on the Patterson-Gimlin film project?

Anonymous said...

A woman running away from Kal? I just don't believe it! Why would any woman ever want for anything more than a guy running around in under-roos demanding Sugar Puffs for breakfast and telling everyone they have to salute his little general?

I'll tell you when all the Kal Korff insanity stops for good: when he dies. Nuts like Kal never, ever quit. Crazy like that doesn't have a switch you can turn on or off.

I was just at Kal's website and see he is back to getting crazy in short order. Nice to see it took Mr. 219 IQ/computer genius almost a week to get his hacking woes in order. lol

You're a tool Kal.

Anonymous said...

Crazy Kal has this up on his site now:

"Dear World,

As we continue to move forward with trying to have Mikey Horn of the Billy Meier cult charged with CONSUMER FRAUD for promoting a FRAUD and a UFO CULT (otherwise known as the Eduard "Billy" Meier case in Switzerland) we will of course keep you informed."

Hey Kal didn't you say it was a done deal? That Horn and Meier were both going down and that Horn was going to be arrested? You said this over a year ago so I want to know when it is exactly you plan on doing this, 100 years from now? And now you're going to "try" to have them both charged?

Crazy Kal, you clearly don't know anything about the law, law enforcement, or how the courts actually work. Didn't Crazy Kal say he got his start in law enforcement? I'll call Crazy Kal a liar on that law enforcement claim of his. There is no way someone this fucking stupid could ever have been a decent cop anywhere. Barney Fife looks good next to Crazy Kal.

Squonkamatic said...

I thought Korff got his start designing a nuclear bomb for a science fair -- which just happened to function exactly like the later neutron bomb designs -- has the actual prize ribbon to prove it, and then began his JFK & UFO lecture circuit at the age of 14 in 1977. Or was that 1976?

But wait a minute, his YouTube channel info (actually all of them except one: he has several, so he repeated this "error" multiple times) cites an age of 36. Why, 36 years ago it was 1972. So if his YouTube age is to be believed he was FOUR or FIVE years old when he began this lecture circuit and designed this nuclear bomb? And if his debate against Jim Dilletoso from 1994 happened fourteen years ago, he was just 22 when all bulked up with a beard like that? But wait a minute, if he was 22 then and Reagan ended the SDI program six years earlier in 1988, is he trying to say he was FIFTEEN or SIXTEEN when working at Lawrence Livermore Labs as a "System 3 Analyst" on SDI, complete with a security clearance?

WHEN during all of this did he have time to "get his start" in law enforcement? And does the Super Duper Special Secret Super Special Services routinely hire & commission people to command rank who make shit up like that? I thought the Israelis were supposed to be smart and thorough with things like background checks and giving security clearances to people.

Maybe they were just so wow'd by that science fair ribbon that they waved the usual security checks and just hired him anyway, since after all it is a civilian meta-organization. Then sent him to any old department store to buy a camouflage duck hunting shirt, found him a badge in a box of Cracker Jacks, and waved their uniform code so he could fit into the cowboy hat he got from Bigfoot. It all makes perfect sense.


Anonymous said...

Why is anyone paying depraved Kal Korff any attention? All of his threats are empty, pathetic bullshit attempts at gaining the attention of a world that ignores and mocks him at the same time.

Squonkamatic said...

The idea of this blog isn't to cut Kal Korff some slack for being a doofus and look the other way while he acts like a complete douchebag, but to point out in no uncertain terms his FAILURES, his repeated & pervasive LYING, and the MALICIOUS IDIOCY with which he has wrecked a lot of the fun in paranormal studies. His rap is to pit the community against itself and generate publicity for himself by sullying the reputations of others who happen to disagree with him. He is a malignant, festering sore on the buttocks of humanity's zeal to encounter the unknown. Not by explaining odd events in prosaic terms that make sense, but by attacking the credibility of others in a way that is selective, manipulative, and ultimately self-serving. The UFOs and Bigfoot or the Nanobots don't matter to Korff, the only thing that does matter to Korff is Korff and what kind of attention he is getting. To a degree we are feeding that need for him to have attention, but in a way that says be careful what you ask for or you may get it. He has made himself the center of the debate and the topic of discussion: We are only responding to his desire to be the focus of attention. The irony is that when you sincerely and objectively look at what Kal Korff is about, all you see is FAILURE, INEPTITUDE, LYING, SLANDER, INSANITY, MAKE-BELIEVE and outright DOUCHEBAGGERY. We are only helping him reap that which he himself has sowed.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually hoping this pushes him over the edge and he actually manages to find one of us who lives in Prague and physically assaults us. That way:
1. If its me I can break his neck in self defense
2. He will get arrested and LEGIT sued.

God I hope so.
Cmon Kal, I'm in Letna!! I'm not too hard to find just drop me a mail at my youtube page you fat coward

F1 Racer
Francis Underwood

Anonymous said...

No audit? No surprise. Kal, just put a bag over your head and end it all now. You're utterly hopeless Kal. It is clear that Kal will never change and it is clear he simply cannot help himself just as most crazy people cannot. Too bad because wh8le Kal may be maniacal on so many levels, he clearly has some intelligence and might have done some good if he could see past his own problems and ego.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! Look out Kevin Randle cause you in big trouble now according to Colonel Crackpot! Kal must be getting really desperate for attention. Korff is so far out there he doesn't even realize that everyone is laughing at how pathetic he is.

Anonymous said...

You can always count on a few things:

>nothing happening when Kal makes a promise.