Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kal K. Korff babbles on

Is it just me or is Kal K. Korff and his babbling getting worse? If you've visited the repugnant little man's Internet website recently you will see a video and ore of the same babbling and ranting about this shooting business. I got a rather good laugh at this silly "secret" document Kal has "released" and says is proof of what he has said all along about his brother getting a bullet in the head.

I'm going ot go out on a limb here and sy this document is a piece of rubbish and Kal simply made a document based on something provided in his brother's trial. I'd go more into this but this is all just the same rhetorical nonsense Kal has been on about for months and months now.

Here is how Kal operates. Kal will claim one thing and if it happens then he can take credit for it and say it is further proff that he is some sort of colonel and that his laughable "S3" is real and has power. If it doesn't happen then Kal can turn around and blame it on the law, corruption, and whatever other excuse he can pull out of his ass.

And where are the "documents" Kal said he would unleash in "hours", that was few days ago now and the only thing he has released is a laughable document he produced in the sad hopes of convincing people his "organization" is actually active. I want to see Kal get summoned to appear in this lawsuit and would like to see the defense summon all documents and agents from "S3". I think Kal would be rather lonely in court with his laptop.

my prediction is that the only documents Kal will be unleashing on the public are document from court and those documents filed in this lawsuit and that Kal's name won't appear on a single document. This is Kal riding on the back of his brother's tragic shooting in a desperate attempt to make his fantasy world seem real. Shame on you Kal, shame on you.


Anonymous said...

You are a righteous avenger, KIAI. Keep it up, brother.

Anonymous said...

....And you, "Colonel", are a piece of dogshit I picked up on the sole of my shoe. Why don't you do the world a favour and top yourself, fuckwit?

Anonymous said...

I've just had a look at the first 2mins 2 seconds of 'Justice Watchers'(haaaahaa JUSTICE WATCHERS!!! - it gets better and better!)and man, is it just me or does this fucking freak look decidedly freakier than normal?

Yikes, that prick looks like he hasn't slept in days.

And the t-shirt..well, that just takes the cake.


Anonymous said...

..Hm, it seems that I have used the word just three times...

I'm just a little bit inebriated. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I've watched the whole clip. He's fucked.

The incredulous nonsense, the rising-pitch voice, the hand gestures..>

Game over man, game over!

Anonymous said...

Korff looks utterly *terrible*! I think it only a matter of time before we see Colonel Crackers take the big plunge.

Anonymous said...

I think someone needs to mention to the defense in this case that, apparently, "Kernel Kalvin" is privy to secret information. The our pal Kal will get a subpoena to appear in court, allowing the defense lawyer to lay into his ass about S3 and all the other nonsense. Let's see Kal under oath testify to all he's claimed.

Kalvin will be caught between a rock and a hard place then. If he goes to court, he gets trashed completely. If he ignores the subpoena, he gets trashed completely for not being able to substantiate any of his claims.

Man, if we can somehow get this video in front of the defense team we could end all this nonsense once and for all.

Who's with me on this one?

As per usual, Kal, all suits, subpoenas, copies of newspaper articles, etc., can be sent to me, Brad Hudson in Dallas, Texas.

Anonymous said...

Real quick question: has Kal's site been hacked by the Turks again? I can't get anything to load on or


Anonymous said...

it is just taking a bit to load. i got in after about a 40 second period.

Anonymous said...

Here's the comment I tried to leave at YouTube. Don't know if it worked or not, but I wanted to make sure the "Kernel" saw it one way or the other.....

Umm, last time I checked, something told to someone else (when the person told has no first hand knowledge of said incident) is hearsay. Won't quite cut it in court, buddy. Anyway, you have all this special secret information gathered by your fellow officers in the Special Secret Service (tm), why don't YOU go to Oregon and testify yourself, Kal??? You'd get to slam the doors shut on corruption in Oregon, help out your family, AND prove everyone in the "penis gallery" wrong. What's stopping you?? Oh, right, that little part about testifying under oath. I'm sure the judge and defense counsel will have no problems at all taking your word for it that S3 exists, and if they give you any lip about it you can just wave some random newspaper articles at them!!! What a day that will be for justice!!! Then, of course, you can get back to using that $25 million the Saudis gave you to protect the English speaking world from all those UFO "frauds". I'm sure that at this very moment there are literally thousands of Saudi children being defrauded out of all the money they have paid to view While I'm thinking about it, why does Stanton Friedman get a pass form you when Kevin Randle doesn't?? Stan relies heavily on the testimony of Jesse Marcel, so why not go after him, too? It wouldn't be because Stan knows you from way back and might have more than enough dirt lying around to bury you, would it? Nah, that couldn't be it. You better pray Stan doesn't have any dirt, because I'm sure he'd have no problem giving a little to his nephew to use on you. You remember his nephew, right? Paul Kimball? Another guy you've taken a few shots at?? Of course, knowing the way you operate, you'll just wait until Stanton Friedman, a man I consider to be one of the truly great guys in the field, to pass away so you can take shots and not have to worry about return fire. That's your MO, so why change???

Anonymous said...

Now Korff is claiming a "top New York Investigative journalist" is on the case of his brother's shooting. As usual Korff provides no names and this is another scare tactic Korff uses. I hope Korff doesn't think the people in the police department that shot his brother are taking this seriously because you have to know they laugh their asses off every time they hear this nonsensical shit from Korff.

Anonymous said...

I'm still getting shut out on

Normally that would probably be a good thing but I'm dying to see this "documentation" Kal has provided today.

And only in Kal's mind would a "top New York investigative journalist" give 2 shits about who among 2 deputies shot a convicted felon.

Also, did anyone else notice Kal coming dangerously close to saying that Royce Meyers III is corrupt? he really dances on the edge of actually saying that and a good attorney could probably make it stick. I wonder if Royce is in a litigious mood today???

Brad Hudson, potential Kal Korff lawsuit target

Anonymous said...

Regarding Kal's avoidance of hitting on Stan Friedman, he damn well knows better, because Stan will come right back at him with all guns blazing! Stan is an expert at digging deep -VERY deep!

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't this blog be renamed the Schadenfreude Express?

Kal Korff is insane. It's as simple as that. Yet, the blog owner here, and all the recurring commenters, must feel somehow they are doing something productive, or else why waste your time? That's the question you should ask yourselves: is such a sick little man worth your time?

Are you sure you're not falling into Korff's venus flytrap of delusion, by giving him what he wants, which is attention, even if deservedly negative?

Korff is a long-time, twisted, nuttier than Grandma's fruitcake, attention whore. You see, he whores himself out, and anyone who enters his narrow path of vision, and gives him the time of day, becomes a John, by reciprocating.

Whores can't live without their Johns. And, maybe, Johns can't live without their whores? Both fill a need in each other. But, be prepared to pay the costs. They aren't cheap.

So why are you all paying attention to the whore? Giving him what he so desperately craves? You should know consorting with whores is one of the best ways to catch the diseases they are riddled with--and some are incurable.

My advice? Ignore and avoid the whore. Then, maybe, they'll shrivel up and go away. Not likely, admittedly, because the Korff attention whore is also psychopathic. Absolutely driven. But, ultimately, he's just a sad, slimy, bad joke.

Not that this advice will probably make a whit of difference. But, my advice is step outside. Smell the roses. Do something more productive with your lives than waste time on an idiot's bullshit.

Now, go on. Continue. You know you can't help it. Welcome to Kal's best little attention whorehouse this side of Prague. Dance right in!

Anonymous said...

So this thing with Royce Myers happened 2 years ago and Korff is still all over it like a horny kid on a fat girl at the drive in? Korff is obsessed and if I were Royce I'd sue Korff's fat ass. Though Royce doesn't believe in the little green guys he sure has done more than a lot of other people in exposing phonies like Sean David Morton and Ed Dames and that piece of shit Dr.Reed. Royce got sued over his beliefs and for standing up to the frauds and unlike Korff Royce didn't run when the heat was on. Korff only wishes he was as good as the people he stalks.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, you definitely have a point and I have been wondering myself how far I'd let myself get into this. I haven't been "Korffing" every day now that summer vacation time is over and it's back to the grind. There certainly are many more important things in my life that what Colonel Cupcake may be up to.

I also agree that he's downright insane, deluded, and psychologically impaired. I've typed it before and will type it again -- the main reason why I think he skarkered off to Czech Republic was probably to escape a mental health intervention by his family. Fifteen minutes in a clinical, controlled environment with a mental health official interviewing Korff on his current activities and he'd be under observational hold for 14 to 30 days. Then probably committed or at least forced to live in a half-way house where his progress could be monitored.

None of this is going to happen anytime soon though and I'll admit that I've gotten a bit depressed about it of late. If you search "Kal Korff" on YouTube one of the first hits will be my video clip of the "Encounters" debate with Jim Dilettoso and Korff spouts the same nonsense back then, fifteen years ago, that he does now. Accusations of lying and fraud, references to non-existent colleagues or staff, a bizarre obsession with newspaper clippings that nobody else is allowed to see for themselves, referring to himself as the president or CEO of a research group, changing the debate from the supposed phenomenon being researched to assassinating the character(s) of his opponent(s).

And so on. It's the same bilge these days only the names and events have been switched around. Back then it was Jim Dilettoso, now it's Kevin Randle and whoever steps up to tell Korff to put a sock in it. Royce Meyers with his (sorry, but it is) pathetic little website: How can anybody get so worked up over something like that? Because they are certifiably insane, and Kalvin K. Korff is completely off his rocker. We joke about being crazy, calling somebody nuts or saying they are a loon, but what we are coming in contact with here is genuine insanity. And yet Korff KNOWS he is lying, he knows he is making this shit all up, and he thinks that everybody else is stupid enough for him to get away with it.

I say this blog is here to prove that isn't the case and I hope that eventually we shove enough of Korff's bullshit down his own throat so that he flips out, does something that catches the attention of Czech immigration officials and finds himself bundled on a flight back to JFK with the Cookie Truck waiting next to the baggage cart. The only other way that this will stop is if people actually hope that Korff physically harms himself and I don't know about anyone else here but there's a bit too much humanity inside of my soul to wish for something like that.

Kal should run around naked inside of a supermarket, smash melons over his head and try to convince people that he is re-creating the deputy shooting his brother and get them to listen. Meanwhile the manager has one of the cashiers call 911, and four guys arrive armed with butterfly nets, syringes filled with Valium, and a straightjacket. THAT I can hope for.