Saturday, August 16, 2008

The countless FAILURES of Kalvin Korff #11

"Please check back Friday evening (USA time), as the new site iPhone design will be implemented." So were the words written by Kalvin Korff promising his new website design "will be implemented" Friday evening. Chalk up yet another FAILURE of Kalvin Korff. Here it 9:15 in the morning Prague time and just after midnight in the United States and still NO website from Kalvin.

I find the "timing" of Kalvin's latest design upgrade rather convenient since his website was hacked only a few days ago. Even more convenient is Kalvin not making any mention of it. I though Kalvin Korff was a skilled computer engineer? How did he get hacked? For that matter where are is all of the power of the Special Secret Services to assist in this crisis?

I know I'm not the only one laughing at all of this. Kalvin can deny he was hacked all he wants, but the proof is in the picture I took of Kalvin's website.

Kalvin can try to deny all of his website was hacked but the proof will refute any claims he tries to make. See, Kalvin, this is what we call proof, not crazy claims of newspaper conspiracies as you like to make.

I have been informed that is what is referred to as an Internet "defacement" group that hacks into systems and plasters their label all over the website to let everyone know they were there. So if this merry band of hackers can so easily out-wit "computer engineer" Kalvin Korff, then how vulnerable does this make the Special Secret Services and their "encrypted phones" and the other nonsense Kalvin drivels about?

So here you have it once again with Kalvin promising to deliver and FAILING! Friday has passed and no new website from Kalvin. I wonder what it is with Kalvin and his need to constantly redesign his site? For that matter why does a self described "computer engineer" need to use a website template???

We're NOT laughing with you, Kalvin, you idiot.


Jimmy D said...

You buffoon, Korff.

Any Mouse said...

Well, Kolonel Kooky never did say *which* "Friday" was going to be the launch day...

Anonymous said...

Colonel Numbnuts did say that the site would be up in two days and on Friday. This was posted Wednesday so he's screwed himself out of any excuses. And why has Colonel Nut-rub not admitted that his website has been hacked and he doesn't know how to fix it???

Brad said...

What's great is that Kal hasn't even taken the time to change the message on his front page. There it sits, still telling us that everything will be back to normal on Friday, and here we sit on Saturday, laughing or collective asses off (although probably not as loudly as the guys from Turket who pulled this "op").

You would think a top notch organization like S3 would have much better security than this.

Avim!!!! Get your ass in here and fix the website!!!

Martina!!! Have you finished polishing my bars??? And where's my hat?!?!?? I've got to have my official S3 cowboy hat to fix the official website!!!

Squonkamatic said...

This iPhone design puzzles me. iPhone is iPhone, it is it's own closed operating system -- there is no way (at least no easy way) for a consumer to have an "iPhone design" on a standard computer OS function, because iPhone's unique OS is only designed to work on iPhone. The applications designed to work on iPhone only work on iPhone, it has it's own file format and the properties of the display are unique to iPhone as well. So saying that his website will have an "iPhone design" is sort of meaningless.

Does he mean that the appearance of his website will MIMIC the "look" of an iPhone screen? If so, to what end? Because he thinks iPhone displays look cool? I guess I can sort of understand that, I've been to websites designed to look like Ye Olde Manuscript pages or whatever. But they don't call it Ye Olde Website Design, since parchment paper with ink and a digital/electronic computer display are different things. It's a specific look that's meant to enhance the ambience of visiting the pages in question. Does Kal prefer computing on iPhones to the real thing? That's kind of odd since the last time I checked there was no authorized carrier service for iPhone designated for Czech Republic. Is this loyal Apple user encouraging people to CRACK their iPhones and disregard Apple's service policies? No wonder he got hacked.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Where the hell are Avim and Martina and why have they not yet infiltrated that Turkish hacking group?! Kal, you have to keep your people in line and get them on the ball! What kind of "colonel" are you supposed to be Kal?

I wonder if Avim and Martina have finally fallen madly in love, coming to their senses and have long since abandoned Colonel Coo-coo fest.

Anonymous said...

So the big Apple "computer engineer" got his website hacked and still hasn't fixed it? HA!

Kal was a technical support phone operator at Apple, the same job they ship overseas now for. Computer engineer my ass! I'd love to see kal's credentials, you know, like a college degree in computer science. Kal will be hard pressed to provide that, because he doesn't have a degree!