Monday, August 11, 2008

Kalvin Korff: Self Described "Victim"

In his latest rant against this Don Ecker fellow, Kavlin Korff describes himself as a "victim" of being attacked by others. I laugh at this simply because Kalvin is being EXPOSED and is trying to play the sympathy card here. Kalvin is a victim, a victim of his own words and actions that have EXPOSED him as a CONNIVING dolt.

Last week, Kalvin was CAUGHT trying to hide his past and was shown to be LIAR when he had to CONFESS a claim he made about a radio show host was FALSE! Kalvin isn't a "victim" of anything except his own HYPOCRISY and DECEIT.

If there are any victims to be had it would be radio host Art Bell and others who have been SLANDERED and ATTACKED by Kalvin Korff's FALSE CLAIMS and OUTRIGHT LIES. On many occasions now Kalvin Korff has been shown to be INCOMPETENT, WRONG, and to be MISLEADING CONSUMERS with his FALSE CLAIMS. These are the same CONSUMERS Kalvin boasts of protecting but he CLEARLY IS NOT when he has been shown to be CONNIVER!

You're not a "victim" Kalvin, you're a predator who prays on the ignorance of others in hopes some fool will buy into your outlandish, unsubstantiated, and various FALSE CLAIMS. Just a small sample of your FALSE CLAIMS AND DECEIT are the KPMG audit that NEVER took place, your book being published that the publisher IS NOT PUBLISHING, your phony flying saucer repository you promised ten-years ago that has amount to jack shit, all the lawsuits and arrests you have been promising for YEARS now that have yet to see the light of day, and so much more. kalvin is part of the problem with the world and most certainly not part of the solution. When you can keep your word about anything and when you decide to wake up and get some help to stop living inthis fantasy world, and when you can get your clearly overblown ego in check, Kalvin you might actually accomplish something with your pathetic life.

You're not a "victim" Kalvin, you are a product of your own doing so stop blaming others for your fuck ups and personal issues. Try being a man for a change instead of the sniveling, vengeful and hate fueled little twerp you are.


BritinPrague said...

Well said, sir!

Anonymous said...

I agree, well said! Korff's YouTube entry on Don Ecker was as low and pathetic as can be expected from backstabbing Kal. Krazy Kal said something like Don Ecker should have exposed his wife for false claims in the magazine. What a douchebag. Clearly Kal is a couple of cans short of a sixpack.

A. Nonymous said...

Which video was this? The only thing I saw was a couple of more Kevin Randle rants added today.

Did Kal already pull something down?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Korff still goes on with this blog in place! And why has he not addressed this blog? This is reality, fat boy! His family sure has, it seems. This site is turning out to be the definative source for Korff. I would rather come here than try to load his bloated site or pay to listen to him on Xzone. It can't be long till Korff capitulates or ends up in jail or a mental institute.

A. Nonymous said...

C'mon, Kal can't actually acknowledge this site because the moment he does, he has to answer the questions contained herein, and we all know there are no answers. This site is the reality he won't face.

I'm still hoping I get threatened with a law suit, though. C'mon, Kal. How about I say "You never were anything close to a senior analyst ANYWHERE, much less Lawrence Livermore Labs, you were never the A-Bomb Kid, and you have absolutely NOTHING to do with your brother's legal case (as was highlighted yesterday by a Korff Family friend. I hope that guy comes back and shares more dirt with us, the faithful readers)."

That's gotta' at least get me a sweet letter from "Avrim", right???

don ecker said...

For all you "krazy kal" lovers, if you can't get enough ... here are two other spots on ol'kal ...

Royce Myers III delightful "kan of korff"

And let us not forget Paul Kimball's k encounters

cause we luv ya kal ....

Don Ecker

Squonkamatic said...

Just had to check YouTube and one of his new videos for today (he refers to it as a TV show, which it isn't) was another "IS IT REALLY TRUE?" segment "produced" by this imaginary Martina person. The question was rather lengthy (3 or 4 sentences, and he reads it twice), referring to another would-be lawsuit victim of Kal's legal attack machine, which he read from what appears to be a post it note. Now I actually do know a couple of people who still don't own printers, they don't really see a need to own one and that's fine with me. But wouldn't you think that somewhere during the $25,000,000 500 book deal he has been rewarded with and all his trips to the Prague Apple Store to pick up iPods that people have bought from him, his work for the Super Secret Special Secret Super Duper Services, and being the busy web-based investigative JOURNALIST that he claims to be ... don't you think he'd have found the time/means/reason to have picked up a PRINTER somewhere along the lines? He keeps waving printouts of his jerkoff newspaper clippings at the camera in various tirades, is he really still using Kinko's for his hard copy work?

And again, I know people who are avid, daily computer users who don't have printers, but none of them are web based investigative journalist/authors/book deal recipients working as espionage agents exposing UFO/paranormal frauds. You'd think someone who is might have a legitimate use for their own printer, but apparently not.

Anonymous said...

>"It can't be long till Korff capitulates or ends up in jail or a mental institute."

>anonymous August 11, 2008

-Well said also.

As far as I see it guys, this Loser is so deep deep down his own freaky little rabbit-hole that he just can't get out - ever again. Even if he wanted to..

He'll be like this til the day he dies.

I know someone's alluded to this before, but imagine being aware of the fact that a relatively large number of people are viewing your whole adult life like it's some sort of slow motion car crash....Ouch!!!
That's gotta mess with your mind just a little bit.


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is a victim of his own lunacy!

Anonymous said...

I have a question for Kal.
In both your Meier and Roswell books, you state emphatically that you are not a CIA agent, yet
in a certain source I found, (reference available) you yourself claim to be, among other titles, 'Agent - CIA'.
Could you clarify?


Anonymous said...

Kal isn;t good enough to be CIA, but he is stupid enough to be one of their pigeons.

A. Nonymous said...

Digger, where did you find that Korff has listed himself as a CIA Agent?

Anonymous said...

click the tab 'people search', then enter kal k korff in the search box.