Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The countless FAILURES of Kalvin Korff #10

Kalvin Korff wrote in his now defunct Expres article on September 11, 2006 that he had proof of weapons of mass destruction being developed by Iraq. Big and brave Kalvin even published a photo of this proof despite the CIA saying it didn't want the photo published. These are Kalvin's words mind you.

Can you imagine the revelation that Saddam Hussein had labs developing weapons of mass destruction? Can you imagine if Kalvin actually discovered this evidence? Kalvin would have made global news with such a discovery!

But since that time no one has heard a thing about this proof. Though Kalvin did say the information would be released in his terrorism book, which we all know IS NOT BEING PUBLISHED!

Kalvin is just trying to market his book with this ridiculous claim because we all know if were true that Kalvin would slather himself in the media attention he would have received. Here is Kalvin again caught making spectacular claims and not living up to his word to prove it. Be sure to read the bit about the United Nations weapons inspector who was in Prague giving a lecture. Kalvin happened to get a media pass through Expres and cornered the poor guy, Kalvin likey babbling like a fruitcake and conspiracy nut with this well educated and respected United Nations weapons inspector wondering where security was and what he was going to do with this nut job Kalvin.

I personally think that Kalvin is a disgrace to all military troops fighting the good fight and those soldiers who have given life in service of their country. I also think Kalvin insults the good names of those killed on 9/11 when Kalvin pretends to be fighting terrorism.


Anonymous said...

No wonder that newspaper gave him the boot. It's full of his delusional rants. Korff just used it for his own propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is a coward and an absolute disgrace to those brave soldiers fighting on the front lines! Kal Korff has never been in the military because he never had the balls to enlist and serve. Kal better hope that no real soldiers run into him. Want-a-bes like Kal always get their asses kicked by true blue soldiers who don't tolerate idiots impersonating them.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Have you looked at the latest delusional rantings on Colonel Nutty's website? First he goes off about Iran and goes on saying a bunch of ufo nuts are somehow tied into his brother getting shot! I kid you not! wtf??!! none of these ufo clowns have anything to do with Kal's brother taking a bullet to the head and that was Kal's brother's own fault for being stupid enough to try and run the cops over with a car. blam! And a little something about Kal's brother that Kal won't tell you is that when the cops stopped the car his brother was in, his brother had a warrant for his arrest and that's why his brother tried to run the cops over. The guy was going to jail and thought instead of going he'd try and run the cops over who stopped the vehicle to investigate a home invasion robbery. This Kal dingle berry also won't tell you that during his brother's trial the other clumps of dirt in the car testified that Kal's brother was with them and not the oh so 'innocent' hitch hiker Kal has tried to make his dirtball brother out to be. These other people arrested in the home invasion robbery are all pals with Kal's brother and something else Kal decided not to tell anyone on his website! Kal's brother has a record a mile long. And Kal's brother is not innocent. Kal's brother is a convicted felon serving a 40 month prison sentence he rightfully deserved for attempted felony assault! Christ! Kal's brother plead guilty to being a felon in possession of a weapon and that should tell you everything you need to know about Kal's 'innocent' brother. Give me a fucking break. Anyone can look at the court transcripts as it is all public record. And if this Kal moron had anything to do with investigating his brother's shooting and doing reenactments then why was Kal never called as a witness? Was Kal off solving JFK's murder? lol Where were all these silly special secret agents that were supposed to come to Josephine county and investigate everyone? Where are all Kal's jail snitches? Where is the big corruption evidence and investigation? When is the Josephine County DA going to be charged with corruption? When are the cops supposed to be charged and prosecuted and sued and blah. Is this the same DA that was supposed to roll over and let Kal's brother walk free? We all know how that and everything else has worked out. I still haven't seen any cops running around Josephine county with nanotechnology an it sure seems to me that the Josephine County Sheriff's office isn't 'officially' cooperating with Kal like he said they were. None of this has happened and it never is because everyone in Josephine County knows what a nut job Colonel Fruitbasket is. I hope Kal keeps going with his website because it is the source of never ending laughs in Josephine County. That video Kal did where he stands up and shows that t-shirt with the image his brother's lawyer got to use in court is priceless! So not only are there no special secret agents or nanotechnology running around in Josephine County I have yet to see those stupid fucking t-shirts anywhere except in Kal's insane video. I suppose Kal should have shown up for the trial to testify because it might have provided his brother with an insanity defense. Yep. 40 months is a long time for someone so 'innocent' to be serving in jail.

Anonymous said...

Get help, Kal. Please.

Anonymous said...

If we all contributed a buck to the Kal Korff Prozac/Lithium fund, he might get the help he needs.

There are plenty of days when I feel sorry for this clown, but there are 10 times as many more that I'd like to see someone kick his sorry ass, for being such a retard.

Anonymous said...

Bush needs to talk to KORFF. It seems Kal has the info no one else can find. hahaha