Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The countless FAILURES of Kalvin Korff #12

There's nothing worse than a hypocrite. I truly cannot tolerate those presenting a self righteous exterior when the ugly truth is that they're worse than the people they pretend to condemn. Kal K. Korff is among the worst when it comes to hypocrites.

Kal has repeatedly accused others of uneven standards and of being selective in their truths. Kal has made it clear we cannot tolerate anyone promoting flying saucer or other nonsense.

How do you think Kal would feel about a chap who takes advertising money from a guy who claims the world is being controlled by lizard people and has written books about it?

It appears that Xzone radio show host Rob McConnel is doing just that. This rather bizarre fellow named David Icke says lizard people are actually running the world! And where else does this David Icke fellow advertise himself? On the Rob McConnel radio show website. Here is a picture I took of the website showing the advertisement for David Icke.
So is Rob McConnel not promoting this David Icke fellow by allowing him to advertise on this Xzone website? I find the whole idea of lizard people running the world to be absurd. Why is Kal not holding this Rob McConnel chap to the same set of standards Kal holds others?

If Kal doesn't hold Rob McConnel to the same standard then this must mean Kal endorses the views of David Icke as genuine and others advertising or appearing on the Rob McConnel show. If Kal doesn't hold the views of David Icke as genuine, then why has Kal not drawn the line and held Rob McConnel responsible to the same level Kal has held Kevin Randle and others?

Kal accuses Kevin Randle and many other people of fraud. While I do not think Rob McConnel is committing fraud and is just a guy who hosts a show, my understanding of Kal's standard is anyone promoting ideas, people, or making money off either that Kal believes to be fraudulent, those people are engaging in consumer fraud. If Rob McConnel is accepting advertising money from someone Kal believes to be a fraud, or if Rob McConnel is promoting them through advertising then Rob McConnel is by Kal's standard committing consumer fraud. I only think Rob McConnel is a radio show guy and I believe he is not committing fraud by putting on a radio show or letting people advertise on his show.

If Kal is going to let this slide, then Kal is a just another hypocrite in a world full of them. If Kal's self imposed ethics are as strong as he claims and if he is a real champion of consumers, then Kal would not hesitate to turn his sights on Rob McConnel.

But the sad, painful reality is Kal K. Korff is a hypocrite GUILTY of the same charges he levels at others. Kal is unfit to represent consumers in any manner so long as his ethics and standards can be bought for a spot on a radio show. Not only is Kal K. Korff a HYPOCRITE he is also a SELLOUT who can be bought for some publicity and a little attention all at the expense of consumers worldwide.


Anonymous said...

KIAI hit the nail right on the head! Korff has no wiggle room here and it is all or nothing. Korff is either out to protect consumers and expose *all* who are profiting from UFOs and other bullshit or he is just as bad as they are. In the words of Korff "you can't have it both ways."

We all know Korff is going to either ignore this, make some convoluted bullshit excuse for it, or he'll toss Rob McConnell a softball question about it and claim to have addressed the issue.

If Korff is truly dedicated to what he claims then he will dump McConnell's show and take him on in the same manner Korff has a number of UFO people.

McConnell advertises for mystics, numerologists, psychics, UFOs, ghosts, and a bunch of other garbage. High noon is here Korff and you can't run away after you've called everyone out to the street for a gun fight. What are you going to do now Korff that you've opened that huge, self righteous mouth of yours once too often?

My money is on Korff ignoring it all so he can keep the only half visible publicity he can get these days since his publisher has told him to take a hike and no one else with half a brain would let that lunatic on their show.

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff just got OWNED by this blog. BAM!

Rod said...

Poor Kal just keeps getting his ass handed to him here. Kal's the kind of guy who gets knocked out fight after fight and just doesn't know when to quit because he doesn't know how to do anything else.

Anonymous said...

This is a completely valid point about Kal Korff's public claims. Either Kal follows his own standards or he doesn't which means he's completely full of shit.

I heard Kal say on a radio show once that he wouldn't allow anyone to lower his standards. Sure Kal won;t let anyone lower his standards because Kal has already done just that.

Were I Kal I would have buried my own head long ago in complete embarrassment.

Todd said...

Calling the kettle black I'd say.

BritinPrague said...

Who is the bigger whacko? Kalvin or Icke? Tough call. Both as mad as hatters. Both utter, utter scum.

BTW, I vote that KIAI go back to referring to the Great Man as Kalvin. Only aa big a dipsh*t as KKK is himself could possible confuse "Kalvin" with "Kevin" or other similar monickers.

don ecker said...

korff has a brand new rant up on U Tube about his brother Kurtis Korff. (Say, did their parents have an unhealthy fascination with the letter K?)It seems that Kolonel Krackers and the Special Secret Services launched "Operation Forensic Hammer!" So, on a hunch I wanted to see what Oregon had on Kurtis K Korff, the dirt-bag brother of our favorite wack-job. From the Oregon State Police.
Update: Additional Names Released in 2/26/06 Officer-Involved Shooting Investigation

Lieutenant Gregg Hastings
Public Information Officer
Office: (503) 731-3020 ext. 247

On Tuesday afternoon, February 28th, Oregon State Police arrested KURTIS KORFF, age 39, from Cave Junction, upon his release from Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland. KORFF was being treated for a head wound after being shot during an incident February 26, 2006 involving Josephine County Sheriff's deputies.

KORFF was arrested on a State Parole and Probation warrant for Fail to Appear. He was transported to the Multnomah County Justice Center. No additional information regarding the warrant is available at this time.

The two deputies involved in the incident are identified as:

DEPUTY JIM GEIGER, age 30, an 8 1/2 year veteran with the Josephine County Sheriff's Office assigned as a patrol deputy.

DEPUTY BRAD JOHNSON, age 44, a 5 1/2 year veteran with the Josephine County Sheriff's Office assigned as a patrol deputy.

The Josephine County Major Crime Team, in conjunction with the Josephine County District Attorney's Office, is continuing the investigation. Investigators are still looking for a female in connection with the investigation.

On February 26, 2006, at approximately 8:20 p.m., two Josephine County Sheriff Deputies responded to a report of a burglary and assault in the 37000 address area on Redwood Highway in Cave Junction. Upon arrival of two deputies, they contacted the complainant, WILLIAM NEITH, age 38, near the address of 37432 Redwood Highway. NEITH reported that 3-6 people entered his residence, held him at gunpoint and assaulted him with the handle of the firearm before he was able to escape and call 9-1-1.

While interviewing NEITH at near the abovementioned residence, a vehicle containing five males approached and was ordered to stop by the deputies. The vehicle stopped and backed up. The operator exited the vehicle and the right front passenger, KURTIS KORFF, age 39, from Cave Junction, got into the driver's seat.

Both deputies began to run to their vehicles when DEPUTY GEIGER slipped in the mud and fell to the ground. While on the ground, KORFF allegedly accelerated toward the deputy who was able to get to his feet. Both deputies fired their weapons. KORFF was struck in the head.

The names of the other vehicle's occupants taken into custody associated with this case are:
AARON DEAN YOSHIWARA, age 35, was the original operator of the vehicle who got out and onto the ground upon command of the deputies. YOSHIWARA was arrested and lodged in the Josephine County Jail for Burglary in the First Degree, Assault in the Second Degree, Theft in the First Degree, and Theft in the Second Degree.

JAMES S. TOWE, age 30, was arrested and lodged in the Josephine County Jail for Burglary in the First Degree, Assault in the Second Degree, Theft in the First Degree, and Theft in the Second Degree.

MICHAEL MARTINHO, age 25, was arrested and lodged in the Josephine County Jail for Felon in Possession of a Firearm, Burglary in the First Degree, Assault in the Second Degree, Theft in the First Degree, Theft in the Second Degree, and Unlawful Use of a Weapon.

JAMES AARON SHERMAN, age 20, was arrested and lodged in the Josephine County Jail for Burglary in the First Degree, Assault in the Second Degree, Theft in the First Degree, and Theft in the Second Degree.

The investigation is continuing. Investigators are still seeking the public's assistance in locating a female believed to be associated with this case named SHERIE IRENE WRIGHT, age 48. She has a last known address in the Brookings area. WRIGHT is wanted for burglary and assault, and she is believed to be armed and dangerous. She may be in a white 1982 Chevrolet Camaro displaying Oregon license plates similar to YKR 353 or TNZ 338.

Anyone with information regarding her location or this investigation is asked to contact Oregon State Police Southern Communications Center at (541) 776-6111.

Don Ecker

Brad said...

Hmmm, "Operation Forensic Hammer" seems to have not gone off as planned, seeing as how the family friend of the Korff's already stated that KAL WAS FULL OF SHIT AND HAS DONE NOTHING.

But, Kal, keep on telling yourself that your Super-Duper Secret Service "meta organization" is conducting an "op" to, what, determine that another cop actually fired the bullet that hit your brother?? Hell, is it any surprise that both officers fired when a felon with a weapons charge on his record tried to run over them with a car? What's your point here? If it's anything other than "my brother deserves what happened to him for trying to run over a law officer with a car" then you, sir, are a freaking lunatic.

As always, please send lawsuit details to Brad Hudson, Dallas, Texas. Do your duty and tie Sean Morton in the standings!!!

Anonymous said...

Why oh why can't Korff commit a violent crime in Prague, and get capped like his retard brother?

I wish like hell he'd do something incredibly stupid thus proving once and for all what a fucking douchebag he truly is.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Korff will ever acknowledge this blog? By not acknowledging it Korff is trying to cover it up.

Anonymous said...

Who has more credibility? David Icke or Kal Korff? At least when David Icke says he is going to publish a book he does it!

David Icke 1
Kal Korff 0

Rick said...

This blog brings to light a very valid question with Kal's continued appearances on the X Zone. Kal has said in no uncertain terms UFO Watchdog is committing consumer fraud by saying certain people are credible.

One of the UFO personalities Kal rails against is Don Ecker and another is Kevin Randle. Both Don and Kevin have appeared on the X Zone as guests. The host of that show Rob McConnell clearly said both Kevin and Don are "credible" and Rob even laughed a bit at some of the claims made by Kal.

By the way, Kal is the "bureau chief" for the X Zone in the Czech Republic (whatever that's supposed to mean) and you might also notice that both Kal and Rob are selling i Pods.

I do not know if Kal and Rob are doing any business together. However, if they are this is a clear conflict of interest for Kal and his continued appearances on the X Zone would be considered by many to represent an ethical violation based on what Kal has stated previously.

What it boils down to is Kal not holding Rob McConnell accountable to a set of standards Kal calls ethical. If Kal does have a business association with Rob and is not holding Rob accountable to the same standards as Kal holds others, then Kal is committing a gross ethical violation.

I would encourage people to contact Rob McConnell and ask him about this: xzone@xzoneradio.com

Why is Kal holding Rob to one set of standards while holding Don and Kevin to another?

Anonymous said...

According to the xzone website's broadcast schedule, tomorrow night, 8/28 at 10PM EDT, will be 'The Great Debate' between Kevin Randle and Kal Korff.