Friday, August 29, 2008

Kal K. Korff FAILS AGAIN and EXPLOITS, SHAMES victims of communism!

Kal K. Korff FAILED to show up for his debate with flying saucer author Kevin Randle on the Xzone radio show. Kal ran away from the very debate he had been challenging Kevin Randle to for a long time now. This is the not the first time Kal has ducked a debate with Kevin Randle and made some pathetic excuse. Someone commented on this blog here that Kal would make an excuse up so he could avoid debating Kevin Randle and sure enough this is what happened! And what oh what was Kal's excuse? Terrorists were coming after him!!!!!

The person who is the host of the Xzone is Rob McConnel and he made an announcement here on this blog and his own about Kal's suddenly withdrawing from the debate.

Rob McConnell said...
To the readers of this Blog:
My name is Rob McConnell, the host and executive producer of The 'X' Zone. Tonight, Thursday, August 28th, 2008, Kal Korff was to be a guest on our show to debate Dr Kevin Randle in The Great Roswell Debate. At 8:16 pm, tonight an email was sent to me by Kal Korff, of which I have copied here, pulling out from tonight’s debate:

Hi Rob,

I just got to an email terminal, I regret to inform you that the debate MUST BE DELAYED.











Kevin Randle did come on the show, I did two hours with Kevin, who, I will go on the record as being a very professional, hardworking and dedicated UFO researcher.

Please feel free to contact me at

All the very best.

Ro McConnell,
The 'X' Zone Radio & TV Show.
August 28, 2008

So the daring "colonel" Kal was able to escape by the skin of his teeth from these terrible terrible terrorists who were after him and he was able to safely get his video camera out, make a video in public during the day rambling why he had to withdraw from the debate and had time to load the video to his You Tube account?? This is beyond absurdity but then again we are talking about that idiot Kal K. Korff.

You really do have to see this video where Kal says hackers are after him and law enforcement warned him and communism has killed a lot of people and the debate about flying saucers will happen and he is involved in operations and and and and.

And you AREN'T FOOLING ANYONE with this nonsense Kal! Your game is up and it looks as though Rob McConnel has finally had enough of you and has promised to FULLY INVESTIGATE YOU. Rob McConnel even posted HERE he would get to the bottom of your RUBBISH!

Rob McConnell said...

Dear Blog Members:

Thank you for your comments and your observations. I sincerely appreciate them. I have launched a research project that will take some time to complete, so I ask you all to be patient but we will get to the bottom of things and when we do, I will be sharing our findings not only with The 'X' Zone Nation but with this blog as well.

I would like to share with you an email that I received this morning from Philip Mantle, the UK UFOlogist, author and researcher who broke the Ray Santilli case with his smoking gun - the very same evidence that Kal claimed he was going to use in the Consumer Fraud Case against Santilli:

"To be honest with you Bob Kal is full of it. He has not fulfilled any of his promises to me and I don’t believe a word he says any more.

All the best,


Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at or

Again, my thanks to Dr Kevin Randle for coming on the show last night, and to Michael Horn the North American Representative for Billy Meier.

All the very best,

Rob McConnell,
The 'X' Zone Radio & TV Show
August 29, 2008

And this email was sent to me from someone who directly asked Rob McConnel about Kal Korff's ruse to pull out of the debate.

To: ******
Subject: RE: Roswell debate
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 00:10:59 -0400

I find the whole thing very suspicious and I will get to the bottom fo it – I promise you.

I do not know where the video is. Try his website

All the best,


And I'd venture to say Rob McConnel did a lot of planning and preparing for this debate by even going to the trouble of setting up its own Internet website and a a chat message relay so listeners could send in questions directly to the debate! Were I Rob McConnel I would be really upset over tis and it appears he is and rightfully so!

Kal says in his video that the debate will be rescheduled for December. Uh, got some bad news for you Kal and you as an "investigative journalist" might want to check your facts before opening your big, gaping mouth. Rob McConnel says there WILL NOT be another debate and Kevin Randle has said he WILL NOT waste any more of his time on your antics.

Rob McConnell said...

Dear Blog:

Both Kevin Randle and I agree that there will be NO future debate on Roswell with Kal Korff. Here is some of the information pertaining to the Israeli Special Secret Services, which through a confirmed member of the intelligence community claims is a division within the Mossad.

Our source said, “...first, no standing col. would appear on your show or any show for that matter....and, further, it would be like you stating "I’m in the witness protection program," a statement that cannot be verified.”

The following article was sent to us from him.

Workings of Israel's secret service exposed
From London Times, 2 August, 1996

THE operational structure of Mossad, Israel's secret intelligence service, which has always prided itself on weaving a cloak of impenetrable secrecy around its covert operations, has been disclosed by a British specialist journal.

The details of Mossad's "family tree" appear in Jane's Sentinel journal, which has published a special edition on the eastern Mediterranean. The Israeli defence establishment has already reacted with concern over revelations in the same publication about the Israeli Air Force, including the location of all its air bases.

The detailed focus on the air force and intelligence services is due to be published in Sentinel next week. Apart from studying the internal workings of Mossad, which is estimated to employ about 1,200 people, the journal looks at the rest of the Israeli intelligence community, including Shin Bet, the counter-espionage agency and internal security service.

Mossad, the Central Institute for Intelligence and Special Missions, is the equivalent of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service, or MI6. Israeli newspapers and broadcasting services are prohibited from writing about Mossad.

According to the journal, Mossad's largest operational branch is the Collections Department, responsible for intelligence-gathering operations abroad. The Collections Department is split into sections and includes separate "desks" covering different regions. Branch A is said to cover Spain, Egypt, Cyprus and Algeria. Branch C is reported to cover the Mossad stations in London, Paris and Marseilles.

The journal also says that Mossad has a clandestine operations command, known within the Israeli secret service as Metsada, which runs "small units of combatants who carry out actions abroad against those considered to be a threat to Israeli security". The journal says: "These missions have included assassinations and sabotage."

The Metsada unit is said to be answerable directly to the head of Mossad, who was recently named by the Israeli Government as Major-General Danny Yatom, 51. General Yatom, said to be nicknamed "The Prussian", replaced Shabtai Shavit who resigned earlier this year after nearly seven years as Mossad's head.

Other Mossad branches are listed as the Political Action and Liaison Department which deals with friendly foreign intelligence services, including the American CIA and Britain's MI6, and a special section called LAP (Lohamah Psichlogit) which covers psychological warfare.
The journal says that one of the most important of the support departments is the Research Department, which has 15 separate desks, including ones for the United States, Canada, Western Europe, the former Soviet Union, Libya, Syria and Iran. It says there is also a nuclear desk which specializes solely in nuclear developments around the world. Israel is known to be keeping a close watch on Iran's nuclear ambitions; Iran is said to be ten to 15 years away from a nuclear bomb.

Sentinel says Mossad's Research Department produces short daily reports and longer weekly summaries on all areas of interest.

Shin Bet, the internal service, is reported to have three operational departments and five support departments. The operational sections are listed as the Arab Affairs Department, which monitors suspected Arab subversives; the Non-Arab Affairs Department, which is involved in "the penetration of foreign intelligence services and diplomatic missions" in Israel; and the Protective Security Department, responsible for protecting national representatives and assets.
Requests have been sent to the Israeli Government and US State Department requesting authentication of the statements made by Kal pertaining to he alleged involvement with the Israeli Special Secret Services.

I will keep this blog informed of our findings.

Rob McConnell,
The 'X' Zone
August 29, 2008

Kal likely read this book which has a very similar title to the book he says he wrote and this is the same book that IS NOT BEING PUBLISHED by Prometheus Books.

In Kal's video tirade he tries to blame Islamofacists, Internet website hackers, and the DA in his brother's shooting for all of the problems. Kal even starts talking about communism and the whole video is one discombobulated and poorly contrived piece of work where Kal is so obviously desperate to explain himself he throws in everything but the kitchen sink! One observant comment poster here pointed out that while Kal claims to be a terrorism expert and tries to say those responsible for hacking his Internet website are terrorists, they are a simple group of hackers who originate from the county of Turkey and are not terrorists as Kal wants to make everyone believe so he can perpetrate this make believe threat to justify him being a COWARD. How does a "terrorism expert" confuse some Internet website hacking defacers for terrorists????

To top off this video Kal SHAMELESSLY and INSULTINGLY makes his absurd excuses in front a monument to those who have died at the hands of true terror and oppression! I think Czech citizens should be OUTRAGED that Kal would dare to trespass on this sacred site to use it as a back drop so he can try to explain away why he is a COWARD and a PRETENDER!

I am confident that Rob McConnel will not let Kal off the hook this time and do not be too surprised when Kal suddenly has to go under ground on his next "assignment" so he can hide! "Conniving Kal" knows no bounds and will go to any length to indulge his absurd fantasies even trying to exploit those killed by communism!


Anonymous said...

One BIG probelm with Kal's claim of being involved in the Special Secret Services. Kal says the organization he is involved with is "private."

The Mossad's arm is called the Secret Services, not the "special" secret services.

Kal Korff is full of shit. I have also checked on Kal's various claims of police complaints and being involved in investigations. NONE OF IT IS TRUE! Just contact the people he claims are being investigated and they'll share a good laugh with you.

Anonymous said...

That reall yis as low as you can go Kal - trying to use the memory of people who were murdered for your fantasy claims. That is just sick and I hope the Czech Republic boots your ass out of the country for your perversion of their great monument to the brave who died resisting communism. Kal, you're a sick person to do what you have done and people should be outraged at you inexcusable behavior! I'm filing a report with the local Czech authorities and will demand that you be investigated!

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see what Rob McConnell has to say about all of this and what he finds out about Kal Korff.

I mean, I know Kal is full of it with this terrorism garbage, but there is no way for him to escape the humiliation of it all now. Kal likes exposing people so I guess we will see just how he likes a big spoonful of his own medicine.

Anonymous said...

Korff's a bully and a coward. Paul Kimball offered to pay Korff's expenses and debate Randle on neutral grounds with neutral hosts. Korff the YouTube-tyrant and lawsuit-threathener declined. Now he's a no-show for a debate on a friendly radioshow, the X-Zone. Didn't Korff put up around 20 YouTube videos attacking Randle? Didn't Korff advertise this 'debate of giants' on his website?
Terrorist threat my ass. Korff chickend out because he's a coward and does what he does best. Bully and threathen people and run away at the first sign of real trouble.

Anonymous said...

KKIAI dictionary.
"To pull a Korff";
Make promises/threats you can't keep.
E.g. "He didn't show up for the radio show - He pulled a Korff on you!"
"The lawsuit threat was bogus - He pulled a Korff on you!"

Anonymous said...

You fucking toerag, "Colonel".

Anonymous said...

I wish I had read this posting before making my own review commentary on Kal' K. Korff'ss video -- now that I know what the sculptural installation is supposed to evoke the conclusion that Kal K. Korff is a thoughtless, selfish, stupid and ultimately silly person is reinforced. That really is exploitation that goes beyond just getting a nice old man to agree to be in a video or picking some random English speaking babe to portray as your counter-espionage honeypot ex supermodel. Kal K. Korff uses people and things of importance and then just throws them aside like they were spent kleenex.

I think at this point we should all just step back from our computers and switch them off, get on with our lives and maybe see where all of this leads to in a week or so. Then again it's sort of like watching a train wreck or passing an automobile crash -- you can't help but look. And like any good NASCAR fan we keep hoping for a spectacular crash that everyone nevertheless manages to walk away from.