Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kalvin Korff CAUGHT again and again and again!

As you know, Kalvin Korff is rather a braggart when it comes to his IQ and "accomplishments." If Kalvin is so competent and has such a high IQ then why is that he CAN'T EVEN CONFIRM BASIC INFORMATION that anyone with Internet access can find?

You see, INCOMPETENT Kalvin Korff has been caught trying to DECEIVE CONSUMERS AGAIN by OMITTING FACTUAL DATA! Kalvin wrote on his Internet website that a fellow named David Biedny "has pulled DOWN the same bogus articles, but ONLY AFTER he has been exposed." Kalvin is referring to a newspaper article from the San Jose Mercury News in California.

To his utter EMBARRASSMENT and PUBLIC HUMILIATION, Kalvin Korff is FRANTIC to denounce the article as "bogus" because it EXPOSES Kalvin Korff and his claims. Kudos to the reporter who wrote the story and to the San Jose Mercury News for doing the RIGHT thing and publishing the TRUTH about Kalvin Korff and his nutty claims.

Don't forget this is THE SAME Kalvin Korff who says out one side of his mouth that the San Jose Mercury News wrote several stories on him and then out the other side says the San Jose Mercury News only did one story on him! Kalvin Korff can't even keep his own story straight and will and do and say anything he can to make this article go away. But the article IS NOT GOING AWAY!

Once again, INCOMPETENT Kalvin Korff chose to use a BUMBLING LIE to cover his tracks and it is a LIE because any reasonable person can see the claim is NOT TRUE. The article is STILL posted on David Biedny's flying saucer Internet website and this is more of Kalvin Korff's DESPERATE PROPAGANDA in his FAILED attempt to MISLEAD THE PUBLIC and to COVER UP the truth. Kalvin Korff, when can the public expect you to come forward and CONFESS? Kalvin owes the public and consumers everywhere an apology!



Anonymous said...

This is great stuff! About time someone exposed Kal K. Korff! How does it feel Kal?????

nancy said...

I hope for his own sake Kal gets help. Take the first step Kal and seek someone to help you with your problems. You're slipping each day you wait. don;t wait another day.

Anonymous said...

I watched Korff's idiotic video on You Tube where he says all of this nonsense. Whoa! I love how Korff says the article is bogus but says that it is him in the article and that he did talk tot he reporter. I'm sure this isn't the only article out there showing what a clown Korff truly, truly is.

boeing guy said...

I met Kal Korff at a book signing in Washington at a Waldenbooks back in 1997. Guy came off as a total fruit back then. He tried to tell me about how he and his "team" had solved Exodus and were going to "shcok the world" by the end of the year by revealing a secret project that would "shake the foundations of science" and some other nonsense. Needless to say none of it happened.

greg said...

Kal is off his rocker.

Skeptical said...

Kal K. Korff long became a joke in skeptical circles with his ludicrous and unsubstantiated stories. Do a little checking and you will easily find out the amusing facts behind Kal K. Korff.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Kal Korff IS AN IDIOT! A sick, twisted and deluded little man, Kal keeps biting into a rock hoping for some blood. Kal will try to bait people into engaging him in his fantasies of being important and of being a truth crusader. Kal is like a little kid having a temper tantrum, best to send him off to a corner and just ignore his screaming and foot stomping.

Squonkamatic said...

My suspicion is that at least part of the reason for his relocation to Czech Republic was an move to evade an attempt at intervention on the part of Kal's family to force him to seek psychiatric help. He has constructed an elaborate fantasy world in which to inhabit and the only way he can reinforce that fantasy is to have enemies that become the focus of his attentions. He is a very interesting study in applied psychosis, not just neurotic but delusional, giving himself a rank in a fictional paramilitary organization or background as a computer developer or what have you.

The madness comes out when he expects others to take his fantasy as seriously as he does. We all have fantasy lives, it's a healthy part of the human psyche but its pretty obvious that Korff has allowed his fantasy to become his dominant world view. These YouTube tirades, strange web blog postings, make believe collaborators and invented past are the structures upon which his fantasy is suspended. If any one of those links is weakened the chances are that the whole fantasy would collapse under the pressure from reality to intercede and force him to recognize fact from fiction.

So what he is doing with these ramblings and attacks is reinforcing the fantasy at those weak links in the structure where he himself has begun to question the creation. He isn't posting YouTube videos for others to be convinced by, those are for himself to watch and reinforce those spots where reality is threatening to break loose. YouTube has become an enabler of this fantasy, which is a shame because he is free to use it just like anyone else but is using it in a way that is ultimately self destructive. Its sort of like watching a junkie fix up on their fresh dose of dope to get them through the next few hours. The reason he switches off the comments or ratings for his videos is that he doesn't want the fantasy to be disturbed by suggestions that he may be wrong.

I do agree that Kal Is An Idiot. He's also a bully who unfairly uses misleading or vague information to attack others. But those attacks are meant to strengthen his fantasy rather than achieve any kind of verifiable proof of anything. The guy is also completely out of control, the best thing that could happen for him is for the Czech Republic to revoke his visa and force him to come back to the U.S. and seek the psychiatric help that he desperately needs.

Anonymous said...

NO! I hope he stays in Prague! Please do not send him back here to the United States because we don;t want him here either. Ship off to China or Syberia!