Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kal K. Korff EXPOSED for his hypocrisy, placing self interest before that of consumers!

I can't think of much else that truly sickens me than an asshole who is also an utter hypocrite. Yes I am talking again about Kal K. Korff and his "standards" and laughable ethics. It works with Kal this way in that if you happen to not agree with him you are targeted as a fraud. But if it is something that is so clearly wrong but Kal doesn't care for the facts of the situation then Kal will use that mightily warped logic of his to "justify" the means to his own end.

Kal has been on bat shit rant of late with this whole shooting business where Kal is using conspiracy theories and blaming everyone else for what happened. Kal even says that people involved in this are not following the rule of law and Kal goes on his usual diatribe of disjointed reasoning and faulty logic to "justify" his view so he can be right. kal is even taking an old play out of the conspiracy nuts play book by screaming COVER UP!

Kal's brother was tried and convicted in a court of law for what some say is a felony criminal act. Kal said it was all a coverup since his brother was convicted. Kal says this in SPITE of the FACT that taxpayers paid $90,000 for his brother's defense and some big CSI investigator did an independent analysis. Kal's broher's lawyer was given an equal opportunity under the law to provide a defense. Kal ADMITS in his now DEFUNCT column that the cops were in the right stopping the car Kal's brother tried to use to run over a cop. And now the WORLD HAS WITNESSED Kal ALTER his story a few times now about what really happened. Which version will it be this week Kal? You see there is Kal's "truth" and then there's THE truth and Kal's version of events usually crumbles on closer inspection. That and Kal can't keep his own story straight when he attempts to MISLEAD CONSUMERS. What fishing story will Kal INSULT consumers with next? You should have worked for the O.J. Simpson defense team Kal with that imagination of yours.

Kal first made the statement that his brother was just an innocent hitch hiker picked up by a bunch of strangers who happened to have just committed a crime and then AMAZINGLY Kal later CONFESSED that his brother was in a car full of his own friends and that his brother should choose his friends more carefully. So if the police "rightfully" pulled over the car according to Kal there really is nothing to dispute.

This basically boils down to Korff's brother tried to run over a cop and the cop defended himself as any human being in that situation would. The car was "rightfully" stopped by the police according to Kal's own words. Kal's brother was in the car AGAIN according to Kal's OWN WORDS! An outstanding warrant had been issued by a judge for the arrest of Korff's brother. Korff's brother jumped from the passenger seat into the driver's seat and tried to escape from the cops. Kal even said his brother should not have tried to leave!!

By Korff's own logic and statements regarding the rules of law then his brother should have followed the law and peacefully turned himself over to the cops. Had Korff's brother not acted with such wanton disregard for the law and the life of the cop he tried to mow down with a car and had Kal's brother chose to follow the law then NONE of this would have happened! If Korff wants to hold someone accountable then he should be holding his own brother responsible for his behavior that set these events into motion. While he's at it perhaps Kal should assess how much his brother's action have cost law abiding consumers.

You can't have it both ways Kal you repugnant hypocrite. Your DOUBLE STANDARDS have been EXPOSED to consumers WORLDWIDE! Kal is unfit to champion consumers with his two-faced standards and unwillingness to be objective in his own brother's criminal actions! How can we trust Kal to champion consumers when it is very evident that Kal will place his own wants and desires and his spite before the needs of honest consumers? You can't.


Anonymous said...

Why can't this lying liar stop lying?

Anonymous said...

Another very valid point brought up here! Bravo! So if Korff is saying the police rightfully stopped this car and his brother should have stayed put, it clearly shows who is at fault here for this happening and it is not the police.

I cannot imagine what the $90,000.00 in tax payer money could have gone toward. Makes you wonder if some poor child wasn't able to get free school lunches or if the disabled were unable to receive services because this money was spent on this criminal.

Maybe the money is dedicated funding for criminal defense but you have to ask yourself what better use that money could have been put toward.

Anonymous said...

Anyone catch the latest youtube clips from Colonel Crackpot? Korff is going off again about this newspaper article shit. Korf has a real hardon for Royce Myers, Kevin Randle and Don Ecker. And Korff is really fixated with the police giving his bro a bullet to melon. And _wtf_ is with that goofy fucking hat Korff is wearing? He mentions it in the video but it makes him look like more of an ass than he already is if you can believe that possible.

Anonymous said...

I know Kal reads this blog so I'd like to know what happened to his self described "Vulcan" logic he bragged of having for years?

If Kal is so "logical" then why can he not see the fault of Kurtis in any of this? Why is Kal blaming the police for all of this?

And what the hell is this "consumer" kick Kal is on? where the hell did he dig this crap up? last I heard Kal was mulling around Seattle telling everyone he was getting married and moving to the Czech Republic. This was, of course, after his alleged "radio show deal" fell through according to him.

I always felt there was something not quite "right" with Kal.

Great blog, though you should lay off the harsh language and stick to the facts to strengthen your arguments against Kal. Though, you really won't need too much against Kal, whom I see is providing with all you need.

Anonymous said...

If Kurtis Korff is as innocent as his loony brother says then what happened to all of this proof during the trial? Why would Kal Korff only be releasing it now to the public? If Kal Korff had all of this 'smoking gun' proof why did he wait to let it out until after his brother was convicted and shipped off to prison for 40 months? I hope if someone in my family has evidence showing my innocence that they don't wait until after I'm in prison to release it. That just makes zero sense. Am I alone here with this thought?