Monday, August 11, 2008

The dilemma of Kalvin Korff

Someone posting in the comments section brought up a rather interesting point. Seems Kalvin Korff has placed himself in a very tough situation. A chap named Don Ecker popped up in the regular spot of an Internet radio show that is usually occupied by our dear Kalvin. This radio show is called the X Zone and its host is a fellow named Rob McConnell.

Kalvin has proclaimed that Kevin Randle is committing fraud and is a liar. Kalvin has proclaimed that this Royce Meyer fellow commits consumer fraud by promoting Kevin Randle as "being credible." Kalvin also damns Don Ecker's credibility as marginal at best.

Where does this all lead, one might be asking. This leads Kalvin into a simple though I'm sure rather frustrating moral dilemma. Since Kalvin lamblasts Royce Meyers for calling Kevin Randle "credible"then here is Kalvin's problem.

When this Don Ecker chap appeared on this X Zone show in Kalvin's usually scheduled slot, radio host Rob McConnell called both Kevin Randle and Don Ecker credible. So the question now is will Kalvin Korff hold Rob McConnell to the same standard as Kalvin holds others? With mere utterance of the word directed in such favorable fashion to Don Ecker and Kevin Randle, isn't Rob McConnell now committing consumer fraud according to Kalvin's own standards? Isn't this Rob McConnell fellow now as "guilty" as the others, Kalvin? I'm not saying Rob McConnell is committing consumer fraud or doing anything else wrong, but I am posing a rather serious question to Kalvin Korff about his so-called "standards" and "morals." I've seen the list of some of the people that are on the X Zone and they don;t seem to be very "scientific" and seems to be rather flying saucer and new age types to me. How does Kalvin still appear on that show with all of those same types of people he has spoken out against?

So what shall it be Kalvin? Risk your spot on the only radio show that would host a loon like you on a regularly scheduled basis? Or stand by the "moral code" you foist unto others and proclaim Rob McConnell a fraud as you have Kevin Ranlde, Royce Meyer, Don Ecker and others?

I guess we get to see just how high your standards and morals are, or aren't. Will Kalvin risk his spot on the X Zone show or will he fold so he can keep the only soap box he has other than his pathetic website to stand on?


Anonymous said...

Kal just korffed right in this ass! Yeah, I'd like to see what Kal chooses here and if Kal is as righteous as he makes himself out to be. And McConnell has some idiot son his show selling everything from ghosts to psychic bullshit.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Korff will do anything. He's publicity horny and needs a platform like the X-Zone to spew his mental b.s.

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting 'dilemma' as you put it. With Kal raging on about the truth and science and all that, how can he continue to be on the X Zone when that show's host promotes subjects and persons that Kal has his sights on.

This is an interesting quagmire we find Kal in and it will be more interesting to see what choice he makes. Kal can't have it both ways, as he always likes to say it. Kal certainly can't make repeat appearances and be the "bureau chief" for the show when it promotes alien abductees, aliens, ufos, psychics, conspiracies, crop circles, ghosts, and the like.

This is a very clear issue with two defining things that can happen:

1. Kal K. Korff can denounce the X Zone radio show and never appear on it again, thus showing the world that he is indeed a man of his word and that he will go after *anyone* promoting those he calls frauds and hucksters.

It is clear that Kal will denounce and set out after those calling Kevin Randle credible, so the situation with Rob McConnell is *no* different. Rob McConnell clearly said that he found Kevin Randle and Don Ecker to be credible. Why would Rob McConnell be any different? He shouldn't, that is, unless Kal has double standards of which he accuses everyone else of having.


2. Kal K. Korff will ignore the issue or skirt around it and continue his regular appearances, thus showing the world he indeed has *no credibility* and is willing to negotiate his self righteous standards.

I'm also curious what, if any, financial dealings the X Zone and Kal K. Korff have/had. I find it odd that Kal is selling iPods and then suddenly the X Zone is selling iPods. Also, the striking similarities in Kal's site and the X Zone's television site is uncanny. What is the connection there, if any? I think this deserves further investigation.

Tommy said...

Korff won't do anything. To acknowledge there is a problem with this is to give this blog legitimacy and he will do anything at any cost to avoid his own contradictory issues and sky high ego. Remember that Korff is a coward of the worst kind and he won;t publicly acknowledge anything that derails his warped view or that interferes with his "colonel/analyst/high iq" fantasy life. Without those things he'd have to acknowledge that he isn't anything special and his mommy probably told him he was special his entire life. Yeah, he's a special kind of crazy.

The middle initial stands for koo-koo said...

Kal might not ever acknowledge this blog because it tears him a new asshole twice over, but you have to know it drives him nuttier than he is knowing it is out there and gaining popularity. By the way, the reason Kal is so hot on ufo watchdog is that when you do a search for kal's name on google the second entry is ufo watchdog laying waste to kal's crazy shit!

Anonymous said...

Digger said: "I have a question for Kal.
In both your Meier and Roswell books, you state emphatically that you are not a CIA agent, yet
in a certain source I found, (reference available) you yourself claim to be, among other titles, 'Agent - CIA'.
Could you clarify?

---Could we have the reference, please, Digger?

Squonkamatic said...

Is McConnell actually going to welcome Korff back on the air after all this? It seems that would require McConnell to require Korff to directly respond to the accusations that were brought up, including just having McConnell laughing along at Kalvin. Neither one can just pretend that none of this ever happened.

Anonymous said...

You are right about that, McConnell was laughing when Don Ecker brought up the ludicrous nature of Korff's wild claims. Let's see what, if anything, Korff chooses to do and if he'll be back on the X Zone.

I completely agree that Korff can't have it both ways. Korff is either setting the bar higher or setting himself up to take a giant face plant into the ground.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness! Look out! More legal document threats from Kal K. Korff. What does a flying saucer guy and Korff's brother getting shot have to do with anything?????? Korff's bro is doing 40 months in state prison for trying to run a cop over with a car. If Korff wants a fact then there's one for him and it is one he conveniently omits. Korff, I thought your bro was "innocent"????? What happened to the DA getting investigated? What happened to your supposed "cooperation" with the sheriff? Did you ever send your "nanobot" bullshit to anyone like you promised? Where is all this evidence that is going to vindicate your bro? Where is the shooting reconstruction you claim you did? What ever happened to your "jail snitch" and your "operation" to expose this supposed corrupt element in the police department that put a bullet in your bro's melon? Where are all your "agents" that were supposed to come to Josephine County and start their operations?

Jesus, I could go on forever with Korff's long list of bullshit that won't ever happen. nanobots! ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Notice one thing about Korff. Anytime things don't go his way he blames something or someone else for the bad results. When his bro got tossed in the can it was a police over up. When things went downhill in court it was a corrupt DA. When his brother got convicted Korff started going off about a flying saucer guy being wrong. Looks like he was right Korff because your bro is guilty. Your bro lost Korff, you should move on. And what is thing at Korff's website where it says he is dedicated to "humanitarian" causes???? Flying saucers? Bigfoot? I don;t think those qualify as humanitarian causes Colonel Numbnuts. Korff is a fucking clown.

I used to love listening to Art Bell at night. I missed that whole bit with Korff having to suck up to Art so Art wouldn't sue his stupid ass. Want to keep out of trouble Korff? Learn to shut that gigantic orifice you call a mouth you stupid fuck.

Anonymous said...

Practice what you preach Kal Korff. I'm sure Kal wished he'd never opened his big mouth with all this consumer fraud nonsense. Hey Kal, I happen to know that you're *not* working with Scotland Yard on Ray Santilli. I also happen to know the details of Ray Santilli laughing in your face and begging you to come after him because Ray knows how big of a joke you are and he also happens to know what you're really up to these days in Prague. I'm just hoping Ray comes out and publicly humiliates you with it all.

gary said...

Come on Kal! I'm still waiting for your slow, fat ass to get around to suing me and the countless other people you claimed to be suing. What happened to Martina's big time law firm suing Ray Santilli

Am I really sitting here wasting my time responding to Kal's bullshit that I and everyone else know will never come true? How many more lawsuit claims must we all sit through Kal? Hmmm? Ever hear of a little thing called the statute of limitations? Your time was up a long time ago and you missed the train because you weren't smart enough to figure it all out and now you're trying to relive it all so you can think you're somehow important.

How pathetically sickening to see a person in his 40s acting like the little kid in show and tell who has plenty to tell, but nothing to show. I have to say that I'm glad Kal hasn't forced his bitter spawn upon the world by having kids. Can you imagine having Kal K. Korff as your dad? No thanks.

Anonymous said...

So this is where the great Kal K. Korff lands, on the web with a terrible site and his face on some videos where we can all watch his breakdown? Serves him right.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a blog! But, I think there are a few discrepancies that I have noticed thus far. For example, Don Ecker was not in Kal's regular spot. As a full time listener of The 'X' Zone, which, by the way is a radio show, NOT just an internet audio cast, Kal was moved to Wednesday night, no longer Thursday day, which Don Ecker was on.

Next, over is appearances on The 'X' Zone, Kal has brought up several logical arguments that many of the other UFO like radio shows do not want to touch because in their books sensationalism is the way to go. For example Bigfoot, Billy Meier and Ray Santilli.

I would strongly suggest that you all tune into The Great Roswell Debate that will be aired on Thursday, August 28 2008 if you are all so concerned about the problems between Kal Korff and Kevin Randle. It is going to be a full 4 hour show. At least the 'X' Zone does thing sin a democratic way - by letting their listeners decide the winner of the debate.

I guess when it comes to the UFO argument, where is the proof - not the hearsay evidence, but the physical evidence.

When it comes to the Roswell incident, Rob has been the only radio host to question the motives of Jesse Marcel stopping at his home on his way back to the airbase with crucial evidence,to show his son and wife what he had recovered? How come no other talk show host brought this up? Rob is right, this did break the chain of evidence custody.

And one more thing that Rob has said, it is UFO community itself that is keeping the conspiracy theory alive, fore they all stand behind their claims that the government is suppressing the truth because, with the conspiracy / cover up theory in place they do not have to show any evidence to prove their case.

And another member of this blog has made mention of the commercials that they play on The 'X' Zone, well, I guess that is the difference between real radio and internet chatter - it's not free - someone has to pay for the broadcast.

I remember when Art Bell was selling generators, frozen food and gold during the Y2K hype that he caused.

Here are a couple of questions for the moderator of this blog:
1. why don't you identify your real identity? Are you afraid of Kal Korff?

2. Why don't you contact Rob McConnell at The 'X' Zone, and go on his show, even debate Kevin Randle? Oh, wait a minute, Kevin Randle is confident in who he is and what he stands for and does not have to hide behind the mask of anonymity like you do.

3. Or are you afraid that if Kal Korff found out who you were that he might target you with legal action?

Hmm, food for thought.

Anonymous said...

jimmy d, et al:
Go to and type kal k korff in the search box.
Or even better, go to, type kal k korff in that search box. Look at items 4 & 5.


Don Ecker said...

Anonymous said...

why don't you identify your real identity? Are you afraid of Kal Korff?

2. Why don't you contact Rob McConnell at The 'X' Zone, and go on his show, even debate Kevin Randle? Oh, wait a minute, Kevin Randle is confident in who he is and what he stands for and does not have to hide behind the mask of anonymity like you do.

3. Or are you afraid that if Kal Korff found out who you were that he might target you with legal action?

Hmm, food for thought.

Don Ecker said...

Since I've found this blog one thing I've noticed is that "I" am the only person to sign my name here. Almost everyone is "anonymous" when banging on that pasty-face lunatic kkk. Why is that? In the 20 years I was Director of Research for UFO Magazine I've encountered many LUNATIC's, although I do have to admit korff is loonier than most. Leaving that "funny farm" of UFO research in Jan. of 2007, I thought I left the lunatics behind, alas ... I guess not. Well okay, look for another expose on our favorite "Legend in his own mind" because I think I am just getting started.

Proudly signing in my own name.

Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

Umm. Stop complaining Don Ecker. You're already blessed with a great name, no need for us anonymous posters to put up our names (we wouldn't come close) and I bet some people actually think you're the head of an Italian family. Besides, us Anti-Kal's have to stick together.
Somebody please put Kal's face on that bottle. ;-)

Philc said...

My poster name consists of my first name and the first letter of my last name. Granted, my comfort level is probably enhanced due to the less flamboyant nature of my posts, but.......................

A few random musings

1) McConnell basically has no choice but to call Kevin Randall a credible researcher. If he brought up the fact that in the past he has questioned Randall's Roswell conclusions, well, there goes the crediblity factor in regards to the Korff/Randall radio debate.

2) I wish that Kal would simply look back at videotape of his appearances on Encounters and Larry King Live in order to understand what a waste his life has been for the past decade. Back in those days, he presented himself as a calm, rational researcher whereas now he seems to be on the verge of becoming completely unhinged.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you why most people won't put their name here and it is because they don't want to be harassed by that lunatic Kal K. Korff. Kal is as bad if not worse than Jon Erik Beckjord or William Cooper. The three of those bozos have a lot in common.

Anonymous said...

yeah, sure, let me leave my name here so colonel nutso can threaten and harass me too. No thanks. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing.

Squonkamatic said...

I hear where you are coming from Don and respect your decision for transparency, it bolsters your argument and someday maybe I'll get to buy you a beer in appreciation. I have zero professional ties to the paranormal community. Kal Korff has bigger fish to fry than me so my specific identity really isn't that important to this discussion. I just don't need my mom calling me up and asking why someone is threatening to deploy nanobot components in her garden at 3:30am to make my life complete.

But I am also not a hard man to track down, I've been using the same online identity for 13 years now and am all over the web. I use it as a force of habit and way to protect those close to me from exposure rather than out of a desire to be deceptive or secretive. Anyone in my position would be nuts going around signing their real name to everything, though a simple Google search will probably bear some fruit if someone is determined to nail me down. I can live with that.

Squonkamatic said...

Just in an attempt to get back on course here, Korff has a new YouTube rant posted (in which he tries to change the subject back to his shot up brother but still manages to work Royce Meters III into it) and interestingly is shown sitting behind a table piled high with books -- Is he planning to address the issue of whether or not he really does/doesn't have the "all time best selling Roswell book"? I for one would love to hear him try to grab the brass ring from Stanton Friedman.

BritinPrague said...

Give my real name? And have the "Colonel" and Martina ringing my doorbell and then running away at all hours of the night? Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

In all honesty, I look at Korff and have a lot of empathy for the guy. I really do.

It's not easy being a UFO Debunker/Researcher/Secret Agent/Super Sleuth/Ladies' Man/English Teacher and probably Porn Star.

If you had that much going on in your life, I bet you'd be crazy too. Crazy in the kind of way that makes parallel universes seem like reality, as opposed to simply theoretical.

I would wager every lie he tells, in an alternate reality, it's the truth. Just like the truth he occasionaly tells, is a lie in this world. You see, it's quite a paradox.

Kal Korff is by all rights insane. Probably driven insane by his need for being loved, and not getting his basic needs met by friends or family.

Rather than just be a regular guy, he wants to be someone else that takes him away from the fact that he's largely just an average guy who was unloved as a child. I suppose when you pare it all away, you have a broken human being who tries so hard to be something that he isn't, that he sets himself up to fail time and time again.

His reach exceeds his grasp. If you were to actually put him in a room with a bunch of theoretical physicians, as well as molecular engineers, he would be as backward as a retard at a petting zoo.

Kal Korff doesn't know anything at all. He simply parrots everything he hears from other smart people, and tries to play it off as he is someone in the know. I've seen him on television a few times, and I can remember this one show in particular that he knew absolutely nothing, but the producers of the show left it in as filler.

The guy has no education. He has no real claims to fame other than having been Stanton Friedman's protege, and fooling Larry King into believing his sorry ass was competent.

He did not work on Hypertext. The man couldn't tell you what hyperspace is let alone simple mathematics. All the books you see on his shelves in his videos, chances are he's glanced through them, but never read them. He couldn't even comprehend them let alone take any knowledge from them.

It's one thing to claim that you are something that you know you aren't. It's another to believe in yourself so much, that you have everyone around you fooled.

The best thing Kal Korff can do for the world is put a plastic bag over his head and take his own life. Then all his secrets would come out, and he would be at peace.

Anonymous said...

Kal is still going off about his brother? Old news chum, old news. This DA Kal rails against and the officers involved in the shooting aren;t going anywhere either. There is no Washington, DC investigation of the case. There is no undercover operations being carried out by Kal's ever-oh-so sinister agents. Kal isn;t involved in any of this other than the role of family member.

Kal doesn't have any power to hold anyone accountable for anything. And I hope people realize that Kal has just contradicted himself again in this latest video of his. He formally claimed his brother to be an innocent "hitch hiker" picked up out of the rain by a car full of thugs. I see Kal has finally decided to tell the truth that these were his brother's friends. Yet another lie by Kal. I wonder when Kal will tell the truth about the people in the car testifying about his brother at trial?

For that matter, I wonder when Kal is going to tell the truth about the fact that his brother had a statewide warrant for his arrest out when the cops stopped him. Another fact Kal avoids telling anyone. This is the reason his brother tried to take off in that car, it was so he wouldn't go back to jail.

There the truth then there's Kal's version of it.

A. Nonymous said...

Dear Kal,

If you need to sue me, please send everything along to Brad Hudson, Dallas, Texas.

Does that cover it for you, Anonymous?? I mean, I'm pretty much a nobody, but I'm not afraid of some blowhard in Prague with a made up organization, a fictional 500 book deal, and a list of lies and bullshit a mile long.

On Roswell, I don't know. I haven't done the research that others have done, but I have seen people take Kal's claims about Kevin Randle's work and blow them out of the water.

My biggest issue with kal is this: he's a bully, a bad one, no doubt, but a bully nonetheless. If anyone dares to question anything he says/claims, he threatens them with a lawsuit. Hey, I agree with Royce Myers: Kal did some good work on the Billy Myer case and then the wheels came off the cart in a big way. He claims he's "protecting consumers" with UFO Watchcat. What the hell is Royce selling??? Royce states his site is not for money. Kal's not "protecting consumers", he's trying (and failing spectacularly) to take pot shots at somebody who dared say he was full of shit. Kal sends Royce some pictures of himself walking around Prague and claims that they represent evidence??? Come on, stop the madness!!! Korff also claims that newspaper articles (that nobody actually sees, he just flashes something by the camera) prove his story. If that's the case (and I'm stealing a line from George Knapp here) then that means Bob Lazar is exactly who he says he is.

Other issues: Korff has claimed he is a Christian, then Jewish. Which is it? He has shown us a first place ribbon that he claims proves he built a WORKING NUCLEAR DEVICE when he was 14!!!! That alone should impugn his credibility beyond repair.

Hey, I understand you have questions on Roswell, but just because you have a few problems with the Roswell incident shouldn't cause you to come to the conclusion that Kal Korff isn't completely full of crap.


Brad Hudson

PS - Have a Nice Day

PPS - Digger, it appears the "Colonel" has removed his info from Zoominfo. How astonishing!!!

Anonymous said...

No, it's still there. You have to click on the 'people search' tab first.


A. Nonymous said...

Digger -

Thanks. I obviously searched Kal as if he was a company, once again proving I am an internet idiot...


Don Ecker said...

Hey Brad! Good for you buddy!

Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

Kal is engaging in character assassination. He ties David Biedny to hate and violence because David reacted to Kal's bullshit like anyone else would by saying he'd kick Kal's ass. If Kal bad mouthed me like this I'd be wanting to kick his ass too like any other normal person, especially when he tried to exploit David's Jewish religion.

Paul Kimball called Kal out on this bunk OJ Simpson trial "expert witness" claim and thoroughly proved Kal *was not* an expert witness. Kal retaliated by taking the name of Paul's film production company "Red Star" in a ludicrous attempt to make Paul out to be some sort of communist, which he isn't and Kal knows it. Kal even threatened to report Paul to his government while trying to tie Paul into the brutal era of communism in the Czech Republic.

When Mac Tonnies wrote about Kal's loony rants, Kal took a mistake Mac made about middle eastern headwear and twisted it trying to make Mac out to be a racist while claiming Muslims were upset with Mac. Kal stooped so low as to try to say the FBI was getting involved and the intent of Kal's bogus charge was that it was due to a hate crime - anyone with any common sense would have taken it for nothing less. Of course, the FBI was never involved in any of this and it was more calculated deception on the part of Kal.

Royce Myers of UFOWatchdog called Kal out on his claims and asked for proof. When Kal couldn't prodcue any proof, Kal turned to falsely accusing Royce of consumer fraud and tried to smear Royce's name by doing everything he could to tie Royce to his brother's shooting, which Royce had nothing to do with. Kal also claimed Royce was facing lawsuits and "prosecution" in a malicious attempt to falsely accuse Royce of being involved in criminal acts, which isn't true and Kal knows it.

Don Ecker questioned Kal's claim of having worked at Lawrence Livermore labs. When Kal didn't provide any evidence supporting his claim, he turned and attacked Don's past association with UFO Magazine. Had Kal done any real research instead of turning to his rage, Kal would have found out Don quit UFO Magazine over the "believer" and "new age" mentality the magazine was taking on.

When Kevin Randle said Kal wasn't a colonel, Kal turned to attacking Kevin's standing as a soldier and Kal mixed that in with Kevin's Roswell book talking about government agents allegedly threatening witness. Kal did this to falsely paint Kevin as unpatriotic. Kal went so low as to call Kevin a coward, yet when a debate challenge was issued to Kal and Kevin, Kevin accepted. But Kal ignored the challenge even after Kal's own repeated accusations that Kevin was a coward for not debating him over Roswell.

Kal disingenuously labeled David Bideny's radio cohost Gene Steinberg as a hate monger because of the Paracast forums where some rather embarrassing info about Kal is posted. Gene is such a gentle soul that anoyne who knows gene would laugh at the absurdity of Kal's disinformation attempt. Do you notice that Kal has never said anything about Kevin acknowledging his mistakes pertaining to Roswell?

When Loren Coleman wrote a bit on his blog about Kal, Loren was pelted with legal threats from Kal for simply saying Kal was using his girlfriends in his work. Coleman folded and removed what he wrote about Kal, but that didn't prevent Kal from continuing to harass Loren.

Kal reminds me of Jon Erik Beckjord and that now deceased lunatic's stalker mentality where Jon-Erik threatened to sue people and called their employers, while threatening to have people fired as he filed false complaints against people. Kal certainly appears to have taken a page out of Jon-Erik's playbook.

Kal isn't out for "the truth" as he likes to proclaim. The simple fact here is that Kal wants to get even with anyone who criticizes, challenges, or otherwise confronts and exposes Kal and this simple fact is proved by Kal's own words and actions.

And at this point, what has Kal K. Korff proved about any of the people on his "hit list"? Kal's proved nothing other than he is capable of rehasing the same nonsense for the last few years and regurgitating his old work over and over while word spinning in order to make mountains out of things that don't even amount to ant hills.

Where is Kal's evidence of his claims of being a colonel and engaging in anti-terrorist activities, his alleged lawsuits and legal actions against Ray Santilli and others, Kal's threats of exposing people in the media, actual proof of what he really did at LL labs, his claims of having worked on hypercard, his claims of being in law enforcement, alleged nanobots and the virtual mountain of other claims Kal has floating all around the net and in various other places?

Take a good look around because to date Kal has failed to provide a crumb of tangible proof, other than his ridiculous videos where he waves around a ribbon, shows us an empty glass vial, proclaims a newspaper as evidence, and tells us to ask his mother if he really is a genius. Make a list and mark off what Kal has stated he was going to do and you'll find a rather long peice of paper without a single item marked.

Kal demands evidence but when such demands are made upon him, Kal views himself above having to prove his claims while accusing others of having double standards. The other side of that is if Kal's claims are not what they're cracked up to be then he would certainly be in no rush to expose himself. But if he had nothing to hide, Kal would have readily refuted and challenge to his claims.

I've followed Kal's various battles with people in the past from Jim Dilettoso to Michael Horn and now the Kal created debacle with Kal showing his true colors to the world - if you can count the meager viewing numbers of his videos as "the world." Kal endlessly threatens to sue people and have them exposed before the world media. If you consider Kal's boggling website the "wrold media" then I would say he is right, but it isn't.

One could write volumes on Kal and I suppose he would make an interesting subject of study to many students of psychology. But why waste a lot of time exposing the obvious? Why give someone waging a one man vendetta any validation or attention? Surely people know this is exactly what Kal craves.

Kal wants people to interact with because of his lonely state, because in the end Kal is truly a very, very lonely guy who feels lost and rather unimportant. This certainly doesn't excuse any of his clearly malicious actions and words against the people Kal imagines as having wronged him somehow, but Kal clearly has some long unresolved personal issues that accompany his ego and the rage that drives his jealousy of others.

Look at all of the people Kal rails against. David Biedny is recognized as one of the world's leading expert on Photoshop and other computer areas. Paul Kimball is a successful film maker. Royce Myers has the distinction of being involved in winning one of the few UFO lawsuits ever brought about, something Kal only dreams of doing. Kevin Randle has been in a fire fight with real terrorists and saved the lives of his fellow soldiers by driving the enemy off. Kevin earned a doctorate degree and has written far more books than Kal ever will. Gene Steinberg is also successful in the computer field. Mac Tonnies is a published writer.

What has Kal accomplished with his life? Kal moved from job to job, wrote a few books (one self published), was on a few television shows, and he, he, what else has Kal done??? Kal claims to have made several advances in fields such as weaponry, archeology, computing, and science, yet no reference or peer reviewed papers to all this alleged work can be found.

I think Kal's words, actions, and deeds speak volumes of his spiteful, vindictive personality and really all anyone needs to know about Kal K. Korff. Hard to believe this man is in his late 40s and acting like a school girl scorned by the captain of the football team.

Rage on, Kal, rage on. Everyone sees right through this utterly ridiculous facade you've created, Kal - everyone but you.

Anonymous said...

Brad Hudson - prepare to be stalked!

Anonymous said...

Brad Hudson - prepare to be stalked!

Brad Hudson said...

Thanks, Don.

Like I said, I'm probably below the Korff radar, but I don't like someone telling me that I'm trying to hide behind an A.Nonymous tag.

I guess I need to thank "anonymous" for giving me a reason for to put a name with the post.

BTW, Don, I read your "20 Years in the UFO Fog". Great read!!

And I welcome the opportunity to be stalked by the "Kernel".. ;)

Anonymous said...

I am addicted to this blog. It's the first thing I look at when I wake up in the morning, and I check for updates and new comments several times throughout the day.

Damn you, KIAI!

Brad said...

KIA, I've got a real juicy piece of info for you, I just need to know where to send the e-mail.

Believe me, it's oh so fantastic!

It seems our man Kal is telling whoppers again!


Don Ecker said...

First, allow me to proclaim Kudos to which-ever anonymous wrote the truly brilliant analysis of korff.

Brad mentioned the paper I wrote titled "20 Years in the UFO Fog" and said he enjoyed it .. thanks Brad. That gave me what I needed to jump in here about how I ended up on this blog.

Before I was director of research for UFO Magazine I was a cop, first in uniform and then a criminal investigator. In 1981-1982 I was lead investigator on 2 cattle mutilations which actually led me to UFOs years later. I was wounded in the line of duty in 1986 and ended up medically retiring. During my physical rehab I bought my first computer and learned how to use it in 1987. I compounded that error by buying a modem which led me to Compuserve or CI$ as we called it then. I stumbled over some text files on UFOs and animal mutilations which caused me to re-visit my prior investigation in "81-82" which was never solved. Things went from there.

In 1991, while working for UFO Magazine I began a national talk show on the Cable Radio Network called UFOs Tonite. This show ran until 1996 and was wildly popular. I was doing paranormal radio while Art Bell was still doing political talk on satellite radio. I had my first encounter with korff during an interview with one of his enemies Jim Dilettoso. Later I followed his monumental blunder with Art Bell. I "KNEW" this guy was a clown and kind of forgot him. I forgot him until this Special Secret Service bs surfaced.

From 1970 to June 1972 I was in South East Asia, in Okinawa, Japan and Viet Nam. On March 30th, 1972 my camp and team were overrun by North Vietnamese at the start of what today is known as the Easter Offensive. I was wounded twice on Easter Sunday, April 02, 1972. I damn near died but did make it out of there.

During my years at UFO Magazine I knew Kevin Randle and very much respected his research. As a matter of fact I thought he did a bang-up job on the Roswell Incident. Randle and I shared data, I found a never before interviewed witness to the event, a member of the 509th Bomb Grp, and shared this with Randle. Randle arranged for me to interview Gen. Exxon, so I knew Randle and more importantly trusted his information. And believe me when I tell you that as a former detective trust is not something I give easily.

When korff began attacking Randle's military service, (in Viet Nam and since he stayed in the military reserves or guard then in Iraq) it pissed me off. For any non-serving "wanna-be and never-was" to denigrate a serving member of the armed forces, then pretend he is an officer in some fictitious bull shit organization, well I wanted to kick his ass myself. Then I answered an inquiry from a guy who wanted to know if korff was real and worked at LLNL. I told him korff was a real-life Walter Mitty, a legend in his own mind and if he worked at LLNL I would eat my hat! Korff went ballistic. I kept all his emails and they were good for a laugh. In one of his videos directed at me he claims all I had to do was ask him for proof he would have provided it. Well, he is a god damned liar. This is what he said to me in one email,


This moron lives in the "Land of Oz" and I doubt he will ever come back. I used to think he was putting on the world but now I really do think this moron is insane. He is so invested in his fantasy life I think he believes his crap heart and soul.

I am working on a "project" that I think the folks here on this blog will find interesting. I will advise you all at a later date the progress and finish date. In the meantime you all have a very good day.

Don Ecker

Anonymous said...

KIAI can be reached

Anonymous said...

If you missed that X Zone radio show where Don Ecker laid Kal Korff OUT, here is the link. Just scroll down to Ecker's name and click on it.

Anonymous said...

Is this Kal's address?

121 Jiri z Podebrad Ulice

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice that UFOWatchdog states it disagrees with Kevin Randle on Roswell?

Brad said..., you've got mail!!!

Brad said...

Hot damn, a new project from Don! I can only imagine how it will fit right in to this blog, but I gotta' say it will be great.

Don, if you need any help, let me know. I'll be glad to do some grunt work.


Anonymous said...

Question -
I know it's probably just me, but I haven't been able to access Kal's websites the past few hours. No problem with anything else coming up. I even re-booted and checked my system - all OK, but no Korff sites.
Anyone else having that problem?

A. Nonymous said...

Yeah, I tried to access the site around 11 AM Central time and saw nothing but a blank page.

Maybe Kal is reworking the site to take advantage of the guys in Georgia claiming they have a bigfoot body. Kal did write the prologue and epilogue to the "best selling Bigfoot book of all time"....

Hmmmm, where have we heard that claim (in a slightly modified form) before????


Anonymous said...

KAL KORFF HACKED? Looks like Kal's site has been hacked into! LOL!!!!! Where is Kal's "secure Israeli server" now? LOL!!!!!

Squonkamatic said...

Don, your post moved me, and as the son of a former service person I want to thank you and Kevin for your real service to our great country. I also agree with Brad: This should be a collective of individuals with a common goal, not just a bunch of vague entities hurling invectives. Hell he could just get my name off YouTube or eBay or Facebook anyway, I'm not a difficult to track down. So I am proud to stand with those who oppose this fraud, liar, cheat, chowderhead, and con man known as SAPSTOE Korff, and will just keep my can of Raid Extra Strength Nanobot Formula spray ready.


Anonymous said...

Oh what the hell....

Francis Underwood
Burlington. VT
now resident in Letna, Prague

come and get me you sonofabitch

F1 Racer

Don Ecker said...

Francis and Steven, WELCOME ABOARD! Wow, did we begin something here?

Back in 1990 I conducted the very first expose of another dangerous huckster, Milton William "Bill" Cooper. Of course this blog is not about that, but Cooper was as vicious, or perhaps more vicious as korff ever thought of being. I decided then I would not tolerate that scumbag's attempts to intimidate me and for years put up with this maniac's abuse. You can still find his brand of BS all over the web. He ended up dying by police gunfire after he shot a cop in the head in Az. in 2001.

I do not know what the laws are concerning firearms in the CK. Republic, but I could easily forsee something like that with korff. The man is vastly unstable.

Steven and Francis ... GOOD FOR YOU!!

Don Ecker

Philc said...

Francis: Holy crap, man. It's a small world. I lived in Burlington, VT from 1991-2000 and have lived in VT all my life. I came across Korff by purchasing his book on the Meir case. My disgust with Gary Kinder's piece of shit book Light Years, resulted in my admiration for Korff exposing that one-armed Swiss huckster. That's why it saddens me to see what Korff has become in the past 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Bank Street

Henry's Diner

'nuff said :)

F1 Racer

Bob Barbanes said...

Hey Don, don't say *everyone* here is anonymous. I've been posting as the real me for a while. As a helicopter pilot, and knowing what a skeptical, suspicious bunch we are, I cut Kevin Randle some slack. As in "a lot." For Kernel Kooky to try to "destroy" Kev's credibility so viciously and maliciously is just not right.

But lately, I've come to believe that KKK really is know clinically, pathologically nutsy-cuckoo. And it makes taking pot-shots at him a little sad and unsporting.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob B.
Love the shot of your FH-1100.
Brings back old memories.


don ecker said...

Bob Barbanes said ...

"But lately, I've come to believe that KKK really is know clinically, pathologically nutsy-cuckoo. And it makes taking pot-shots at him a little sad and unsporting."

Bob, you made some very good points. HOWEVER ... this moron is still running loose ... still making a "mess", still managing to pollute the "air-waves" and he must be shown to the public at large he is as "loose as a goose, 3 cans shy of a 6 pack, one sandwich shy of a full picnic lunch, more than a half bubble off plum" ... well you know. And besides, he (kkk) launched this over a year ago with me. And my sweet, lovely wife would be the first to tell you ... don't get Don started, he never KNOWS when to quit. (In other words, when someone turns me on, I got a problem turning off.)

Don Ecker

Philc said...

Francis: I lived on Murray Street which is about a block away from the Post Office in Downtown Burlington. Everytime my parents came for a visit, we went for brunch at Henry's Diner.

Don: I listened to your recent appearance on X-Zone radio on the computer last night. I loved when you asked McConnell what he thought of Korff's claims of working for the Special Secret Services. His refusal to answer the question directly and his inquiry into whether Korff's relationship with you could be patched up was a perfect example of a radio balancing act.