Saturday, August 23, 2008

The hypocrisy of Kal K. Korff EXPOSED

A bit ago I wrote about the dilemma faced by Kal Korff. In short, one of Kal's arch enemies Don Ecker was featured on the Xzone show which turns out ot be a show Kal has a regular spot on. During the time Don Ecker was on the show I heard the show's host Rob McConell call both Don Ecker and a fellow named Kevin Randle "credible".

In the world according to Kal K. Korff anyone calling Kevin Randle "credible" or anything similar is a fraud and is engaging in consumer fraud.

With that said, and I find this point to be rather clear, Kal should then hold the host of the Xzone ACCOUNTABLE for claiming Kevin Randle is credible. By Kal's warped standards, this Rob McConell chap is committing CONSUMER FRAUD by publicly stating that Kevin Randle is credible. I don't think Rob McConell is doing anything wrong by voicing his opinion and the opinions of others, but Kal has made it clear that we are not to tolerate consumer fraud on any level. Kal would like everyone to believe he is the shining light of truth and ethics. The sad reality here is that Kal is just another hypocrite who will twist words and look the other way to serve his own selfish wants and needs, while leaving consumers confused by his actions.

As predicted Kal crawled back to the only radio program that will give him the time of day. Did Kal hold this Rob McConnel host accountable? When you are the one and only Kal "king of hypocrisy" Korff you sure don't.

Kal can belly-ache about holding people accountable and he can rage on about people supposedly having what he calls "double standards", but Kal's latest actions speak volumes about him and his one man crusade against certain people. Kal Korff is a hypocritical, two-faced oaf who won't even hold himself to the same standards he damns others for not supposedly having!

Seriously take a look at some of the guests on this Xzone radio show. The show has flying saucer people, psychics, ghost hunters, astrologers, hunters of bigfoot and the like who sell all sorts of stuff. Why isn't Kal holding host Rob McConnel for giving such people a public venue to advertise themselves and their products to consumers?

Kal you are a two-faced idiot who will only call out those you hate while turning a blind eye to those that serve you a purpose. If you were really the big consumer crusader you claim and as self righteous as you try to make yourself out to be, then YOU WOULD NOT HESITATE to level this Xzone show. I posed the question to Kal a while back if it would be his ethics or his hypocrisy. Clearly Kal has chosen hypocrisy.

One person emailed me adding this:

" Check this out. Korff has this Bob Heironimus guy claiming he was the guy who wore the supposed Bigfoot costume in the Patterson Film. Korff can't even provide the suit or have the guy claiming to have made it produce another copy, but that's another story all together and one of many of Korff's shortcomings where evidence and logic are concerned.

Korff goes off about holding people accountable for fraud nad blah, blah, blah. The only reason Heironimus came out claiming to have worn this nonexistent suit is because he was told he would be paid for his part in the film and never got paid! This is just sour grapes! If this is the case then the guy is an accessory to fraud. But Korff thinks otherwise since Heironimus "confessed" to it. So Korff thinks it ok for this guy to remain silent all these years about this alleged Bigfoot scheme yet doesn't hold him accountable? Talk about double standards and Korff sees nothing wrong with this? I wonder if the guy would have come forward had he been paid.

Korff loves this righteous persona he shows off, but in the words of Korff, "You can't have it both ways." "

Indeed, Kal, you cannot have it both ways. So there you have Kal K. Korff the king of hypocrisy who will crucify one person to commit what Kal considers consumer fraud, but will gladly turn a blind eye to someone serving his agenda. You're a DISGRACE to consumers everywhere Kal, an outright disgrace and a TRAITOR to the cause you PRETEND to champion.

Kal, you might want to look for your integrity as you have clearly lost it. You're a coward Kal K. Korff, a coward who isn't standing up for consumers. You are instead a loathsome rat who is willingly MISLEADING CONSUMERS!

Kal, I hope you learn from this PUBLICLY EMBARRASSING lesson I've had to teach you. If not then I am fully prepared to give you several more lessons. I don't think you can ever regain the trust of consumers worldwide after publicly disgracing yourself and showing your true colors.


rod said...

The evidence clearly shows Korff to be a hypocrite. It was only a matter of time before he was exposed.

Anonymous said...

So, Kal, there's no room for double standards? Does this includes your double standards? I'm quite curious, Kal, if you'll ever acknowledge any of this on your own? Stand up, be a man, Kal. Stick by your guns or open your big mouth, stuff both barrels in and pull the triggers.

bob said...

This blog is *priceless*! Thank you for expsoing Kal K. Korff for the goof he always has been. If the Internet had been this strong in the late 80s and early 90s then Korff would have been done a long time ago and we wouldn't be subjected to his delusional crap fest.

Anonymous said...

'Colonel' Kal Korff will get you and your little dog! I really dig this site and its exposure of that fruitcake Kal Korff.

Anonymous said...

Nice hair Kal! Someone please tell him what year it is! That hair and stache are fucking ridiculous on his big head.

Squonkamatic said...

This link is vital to this blog posting:

Copy and paste it into the address bar of your web browser. Korff states repeatedly that Rob McConnell is a wonderful host who is going to ask him wonderful questions that will expose all of the lies and fraud of Royce Meyers III and his UFO Watchdog website. Korff mentions Mr. McConnell's name at least four times -- about once per minute -- with glowing praise, yet never once mentions the nature of McConnell's show. The SAPSTOE says nothing about the topics that X-Zone routinely covers, nothing about the guests with agendas that clearly conflict with Korff's positions, and even states that Rob McConnell was going to prove that the Super Duper Secret Special Super Services exist, that Kal's rank as a Colonel is real, and that everyone should write in and apologize to Korff for their lies and slander.

The video was posted on May 19 of this year. To my knowledge McConnell has not done any of the things that Korff claimed would be done to prop up his Walter Mitty fantasy, and indeed was laughing along with Don Ecker when the audio archive clips of Korff's public apology to Art Bell in 1997 were played on X-Zone last month. Which raises the question of why anyone would write Kal K. Korff to "apologize" for anything: His humiliation at Art Bell's hands set the tone for his own quest for redemption, and what he expects is for those whom he has fostered a conflict with to publicly flagellate themselves in the same manner that Korff did when kissing Art Bell's ass.

To make matters worse, the video linked above is also purported (advertised?) as a "Q&A", or question and answer session, in front of a live audience supposedly made up of a "delegation" from Israel's Special Secret Services, with Korff responding to questions from the members of this audience, as if anybody in Isreal would want to know anything about Korff's conflicts with Royce Meyers and the opinions expressed on Meyer's privately run website, Kevin Randle's UFO books, the deputy in Oregon who shot his brother, and the whole vexing question of whether or not anyone other than Kal K. Korff can legitimately refer to themselves as a "UFO expert".

There is no audience present in this room. Korff is holding a dummy mike and has the clip-on mike for his digital camera attached to his T-shirt. The Israeli flag is the same one seen in the videos shot in his apartment in front of that handy-dandy $2.99 bookshelf. There is no echo in the room that would be consistent with an auditorium type setting, and no ambient audience sounds (coughing, people moving in their chairs, maybe falling asleep) that are typical of public speaking situations. There are no shots of the audience or audience reaction sounds. Korff addresses those supposedly listening in a sonorous, stream-of-consciousness type way of speaking that is uninterrupted in any manner. No actual questions from the audience members are heard, though there is a clever edit at the very end that simulates Korff pretending to respond to a member of his rapt audience raising their hand obediently to pose a further question about UFO frauds, as if anybody needs any kind of briefing on the subject. The video even opens with Korff pretending to laboriously answer a poser of a question -- conveniently edited from the video -- that relates to the same insufferable bull shit that all his god damn videos are fixated upon: Being left out of Royce Meyers III's UFO Hall Of Fame, and relegated to the UFO Hall Of Shame with such luminaries as Sean David Morton, Ed Dames, the interminably creepy Dr. Steven Greer, and yes, Art Bell.

I would be very interested in hearing Mr. Rob McConnell address SAPSTOE Korff's allegations and implications from this video. Is McConnell really in possession of proof that Kal K. Korff really is a SAPSTOE Colonel in an Israeli funded paramilitary meta-organization? Was McConnell deliberately snowing his audience just to give Korff an opportunity to fill up air time? Were the two of them actually in cahoots, or was one (or both) just using the other to further some personal need for attention and relevance?

One thing is certain to me, I have a background in video production including taping public speakers in front of live audiences: Korff is faking this speech, there is no audience present. The camera never moves, it's always centered perfectly on Korff, he never steps out of the frame, there are no adjustments for movement and no ambient sounds other than that annoying loud swallowing sound he commonly makes when addressing the camera. His eyes also jerk back and forth in an unnatural manner: he is not maintaining eye contact with audience members, he is trying to think of powerful, hard-hitting things to say about the same god damn idiotic bull shit crap that he has yammered on about now for as long as he has been uploading his make believe garbage to YouTube.

I do not think it is too much of anyone with an interest in this blog to more or less demand that Rob McConnell address this issue directly, and either embrace Korff or distance himself from him. Korff is talking some mighty hefty shit about what McConnell may or may not have eventually said about or with him here. To coin a phrase from Colonel Cupcake's own playbook, IS IT REALLY TRUE??


jayoss99 said...

Kal has banned me from leaving comments on his you tube page. Just like the old Russian oppressors of the Czech republic, Kal is following suit by censoring anyone speaking out against him. kal would have made a good little Nazi.

Squonkamatic said...

Jay just post here instead, you're amongst friends, and yes Korff like all bullies cannot tolerate constructive criticism and is lashing out. But I don't think a lot of people actually look at Colonel Cupcake's YouTube channel itself -- except us. His videos have dismally low viewer counts and most of them are probably people like us who are looking for further ammunition to salvo in his direction. He doesn't use YouTube itself other than as a hosting platform for his videos. The real place people are expected to watch them are as embeds on his website, which explains why the SAPSTOE apparently has no problem with people posting unflattering, critical comments on his channel. As far as he is concerned nobody is supposed to be looking there anyway.

It is interesting to note that Korff has not added a new video now since August 10 -- two weeks, which I believe is the longest period of time that he has gone without adding something new. So take heart in knowing that he is probably completely overwhelmed by this recent hacking attack along with the Don Ecker X-Zone appearance, and may have taken an emotional beating from realizing that pretty much the entire world is laughing at him. He may be realizing that the party is over and that his newspaper clippings and fake staff collaborators aren't going to get him out of his jam this time.

Anonymous said...

Just noticed on Korff's website that you can rate his YouTube videos. Think I know what's going to happen. Lots of low ratings and then the ratings will disappear from the website altogether.

Anonymous said...

Be careful going to Kal's website!

It is full of malware and other nasty surprises. This has been confirmed by me and several others.

F1 Racer
Francis Underwood

Anonymous said...

How can this Kal Korff guy show his face in public? I'd be far too embarrassed after being exposed like a complete fool here.

jayoss99 said...

If your lies were water Kal you'd have drowned in an ocean of your own bullshit a long time ago. You are a proven hypocrite and have admitted to lying in public on national radio. You're a complete embarrassment to yourself and your family. Run along now Kal and hide your shame.

Anonymous said...

How do you spell Kal Korff?

Anonymous said...

Are Kal Korff and Mike Horn dating? lol those two shitheads are made for each other.

Squonkamatic said...

As expected, Korff's new YouTube meltdown about former actual US military serviceperson, Vietnam combat veteran, Purple Heart recipient, and retired law enforcement official Don Ecker totally avoided any mention of his little problem here with Rob McConnell openly laughing at him with Mr. Ecker back on his X-Zone appearance. Has Korff been invited back on the show since?


KRandle said...

Since we’ve been talking about Kal being a hypocrite I thought I’d add a note here. Remember his rants about me suggesting that American soldiers threatened civilians to keep them quiet. He thought this was an insult to everyone who ever served... which, BTW, wouldn’t include Kal. He has never worn any uniform of the American military, except to promote the nonsense that he IS a colonel and he has the pictures to prove it.

In an email he sent to me in March 2007, he said he was a captain and that he wouldn’t take a promotion even if one was offered, yet just a few weeks later he was announcing his promotion to colonel... so we have another lie he told.

But I digress. Here is the point. Kal has no qualms about calling real field grade officers liars. He doesn’t mind insulting them by suggesting they can’t be trusted. He doesn’t mind calling them cowards, when it suits his purpose. He doesn’t mind impugning their reputations... all this from a man who has never heard a shot fired in anger but who would like us to believe that he is some hotshot officer in a mythical organization that no one ever heard of until he invented it.

Kevin D. Randle

Anonymous said...


Given the times that Roswell took place, it wouldn't be too far fetched if people were hushed up. We had just finished World War II, and were having issues with the Russians.

As far as officers being trusted, I would wager that any lies told by officers were from higher up, and or part of National Security. Those who have served know that most of the time, everything they do is on a need to know basis. Even a private scrubbing a latrine isn't told the reasons why, they just do it.

Officers by and large can be trusted to do the right thing, even if it means doing the wrong thing by obeying an order they don't like. Whether it be lying to the public, or falsifying evidence, whatever is in the best interest of the country will trump any one person's right to tell the truth.

If Roswell were truly an alien event, I don't think anyone would have hesitated to keep it a secret for the simple fact that our national security would have taken precedent over all. Especially since World War II had ended only a couple years prior and tensions at the time would have probably sent the country into a state of panic.

People like Korff have no fucking clue as to the workings of the military. When you join the military, you take an oath to defend the constitution of the United States. You've made no small decision when you take that oath, and some people will never understand that. If you're sworn to secrecy, that's it. You are sworn to secrecy, to never talk about what you know.

Korff, with his Super Secret Spy Agency that he works for would have had to taken a similar oath, NOT TO DIVULGE HIS AGENCY'S EXISTENCE, ESPECIALLY IF IT WERE A SECRET AGENCY.

People like Kalvin K. Korff are people who have inadequacies. Whether it be a small penis, or a lack of spirit, they will always lie, and always pretend to be something they're not because deep down inside they are empty, and devoid of any self worth. In order to make himself worthwhile to himself, he invents all kinds of fantasies, so that not only he can live with himself, but so that others will find him interesting.

The only thing I find interesting about Kal, is the fact that so many people believe him to be credible in any way. I personally would like very much for Mossad to go capture his sorry ass, and correct his behavior. If Kal Korff is a member of the Israeli Special Secret Services, then Pauly Shore is smarter than Steven Hawking.

Anonymous said...

Don;t worry about anyone beliving Kal Korff. Korff has burned his credibility with even the skeptics who think he's a loon.

BritinPrague said...

Why don't you put a sock in your lies and your fantasies, "Colonel"? You disgust me. You are a fly-specked piece of dung. I think it is high time your tenure here on earth was brought to a close. How about you down a bottle of cheap vodka and launch yourself off Nusle Bridge?

Brad said...

Korff must have reading the comments section and saw that we realized he hadn't put up a video in a couple of weeks, so he hustled his camera outside and took shots at Don Ecker.

Kal, you only DREAM about being as accomplished as Don, in ANY field.

I've got to stop watching these videos. every time I see his bloated face spouting off about how Don Ecker and Kevin Randle are phonies my blood pressure goes up a notch or 2.

Kal, I know you read these comments. Come on back to the US!! I'm sure that you'll have 3 or 4 good hours before all the subpoenas for lawsuits against you start piling up.

You call men who have actually faced live fire, in combat, cowards when you run away from a few lawsuits? You're a spineless, gutless, lying pile of crap, and one day you'll find yourself all alone in Prague after there's no one else out there who believes your nonsense. Put me in the Royce Meyers camp: Kal Korff is full of shit. You have accomplished exactly squat in your life, and you run down people who have some "skins on the wall". Now go find a couple of newspaper clippings to wave at the camera and that 1st place ribbon from the three legged race at your 2nd grade field day (which you only won because your partner was able to drag your sad self across the finish line after you fell down and started crying 10 feet into the race), and make some videos about how everybody else in the world is a liar save you.

As always, please send all lawsuits to Brad Hudson in Dallas, Texas.

You putz.

Anonymous said...

At least Royce Meyers stepped up when that phony asshole Sean Morton tried to sue him. Even Sean Morton followed through on his lawsuit! Just when you think Kal couldn't be any lower even a complete loser like Sean Morton shows Kal up! Bwahahahahahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

Kal's military organization is imaginary. Mine is real. I have under my command:
2 Admirals (Washer, Dryer)
2 Generals (Electric, Motors)
Captain (Marvel)
Sargent (Flea Powder)
Colonel (Sanders) (I order him quite often)
Last but not least, I have my 'Privates'!


Brad said...

Suits filed by Sean Morton: 1
Suits filed by Kal: 0

Man, that really is pathetic.

And to think I've offered myself up as a suit target on this site numerous times.

C'mon, Kal, catch up with Morton!!

Send all lawsuit material to Brad Hudson, Dallas, Texas.

Of course, you'll have to prove that S3 exists in a court of law. That ought to be fun!!

Squonkamatic said...

Glad to see you stopping by to chime in, Kevin! And thank you for your *LIFETIME* of service to our great country -- I first encountered you (so to speak) on the great "Larry King Live From Area 51" back in 1994 and was an instant fan. I don't happen to agree with the alien hypothesis for Roswell anymore but I sure don't believe the Mogul explanation and the stories about people finding crash test dummies through the 1950s and mistaking them for alien bodies is a load of steaming hamster vomit. Something else happened and yes, as another contributor points out, if it was anything but routine testing materials there would have been an instant clampdown on secrecy including a cover story.

The nature of the way that the US government and military interacts with an relates to its subjects both in and out of uniform has changed drastically since 1947. There are those cynical conspiracist minded types who may disagree but my own opinion is that the US military would never be able to enforce the kind of secrecy norms that would have existed back then if a similar event happened today. Not only has the news media organizations become so pervasively intrusive on security issues as to be laughable in their intentions (i.e. Geraldo Revera drawing a map of troop movements in the dirt live on TV for anyone to see during the initial invasion of Iraq in 2003) but the proliferation of things like cell phones with cameras, pocket sized digital cameras and Blackberries have more or less ensured that the secrecy that could be taken for granted in 1947 doesn't exist anymore.

This is one of Korff's gravest misunderstandings, and to me it is related to his standing opinion that unseen newspaper clippings can still be thought of as verifiable evidence of whatever he may be trying to browbeat people into swallowing. He still lives in a text on paper dot matrix printed image mindset and probably sees to difference between the media status quo in 1947 as now -- all of which is contradicted by his use of the internet, YouTube, video editing, etc. He wants to have his cake and eat it too, to still have the same modus of national security that he brags about playing a role in today and yet also have that modus apply to 1947 as well to undermine the thesis that the government may very well have lowered the boom on various witnesses and ordered them not to talk.

But that's hardly a slanderous assault on our power structure. Richard Nixon and his staff were crooked as they come, resulting to common criminal tactics in their escapades, but by pointing that out am I implying that every administration since is equally guilty? The Pentagon Papers proved nearly conclusively that the war in Vietnam was being staged on bogus terms, but by believing that am I also saying that the same holds true for every conflict since? It's not slander to point out the way things were once upon a time and try to rattle what little remnants of veracity might be left out of the bag, and I think it's pretty obvious from reading sources that aren't even related to Roswell that in 1947 a different mindset existed in this country where military secrecy of the type suggested by the alleged Roswell coverup could very well have been happened. We weren't telling people details about our hydrogen weapons testing out in the Pacific, a lot of the early space flight testing was done under a veil of complete secrecy, and even today at places like the Nellis Testing Facility there are legitimate secrets being kept from the American people that have nothing to do with space aliens or recovered UFOs.

Until the nature of what really may have happened at Roswell was understood by the powers that be it was in their own best interests to keep the story from being broken. I'd even go so far as to say that it was probably in the best interests of the populace as a whole to keep the story under wraps: Think of all the pathetic, ridiculous urban legend scare stories that have popped up over the years about everything from Bart Simpson tattoo sticker LSD to people blowing up gas stations while talking on cell phones to whether or not Mikey from the Life cereal commercials blew up by eating Pop Rocks and drinking a Coke. Imagine if rumors about space aliens crashing in the desert had gotten loose -- one need only look so far as Orson Welles' 1936 "War of the Worlds" broadcast to get a good idea of the kind of panic that could have ensued.

So for Colonel Cupcake to dismiss any of these truisms as some act of hypocrisy by anybody with an interest in the subject of what Roswell may or may not have been about is not only obnoxious, it's unhelpful. What interests me about UFOs and paranormal issues is seeing how humans react when confronted with the unknown. What Korff seems to want to do is dictate how that interaction should take place and that he should serve as the spokesman for the truth, though only if that truth is defined by his terms. Notice how, for instance, Korff never goes public with his agreement with anyone: It's all disagreement and hyped up Chicken Little like claims of fraud or lying. He never has anything positive to say about any of these subjects, and feeds off the conflicts that he fosters with others in a way that strikes me as being profoundly unhealthy.

The real problem is when he starts leveling irresponsible allegations that seem to feed into the natural paranoia of those who follow these subjects, which is how I view his attacks on Kevin and Don Ecker in particular since the basis of his conflict with these people seems to not be based on the ideas they suggest, but on who they are as people. He doesn't care about the UFOs or the aliens or the Brazels or the Marcels, they are just chess pieces that he is moving around a board to try and define his own relevance, and the way he does that is by being negative, engaging in character assassination, and dismissing anyone who tries to stand up to him as engaging in (please forgive the caps locks) LIES and SLANDER and CONSUMER FRAUD.

I have no idea what he is posting on his website as of late but Kal K. Korff must not be sleeping very well at night and must be very, very worried that the rooster is coming home to rest here on his "career" as a player in the field of paranormal studies. His own credibility has been completely destroyed by the envy and childish jealousy that is motivating him to try and counter those voices of reason he is fostering conflict with, and the Special Secret Super Duper Secret Special Services is a device created of that envious desperation. Same with the fictitious former supermodel producer honeypot, the fake speeches before adoring foreign delegations, the 500 book $25,00,000 dollar publishing deal, the KPMG audit (have you ever even heard from them, Kevin??), the "counter terrorism advisor" gig, his CSI forensic investigation into his deadbeat criminal brother's shooting, and yes, the Nanobots. Nanobots were a plot device from an episode of "Star Trek - The Next Generation", I have the episode on tape and know what I am talking about when I say it's SCIENCE FICTION. The question is, does Kal really believe he has developed & deployed them, or does he really think that other people are so stupid as to believe that he's actually engineered a fleet of them?

I would also drop all of this right now and get back to surfing the web for topless beach pictures from Ibiza if I was even slightly convinced that Kal K. Korff was actively trying to contribute to the issue of humans encountering the unknown, rather than just trying to make a name for himself by disrespecting the qualified and sober observations and theories being put forward by people who actually are trying to get to the bottom of it. That's why Korff belongs in Royce Meyers III's "UFO Hall of Shame"; Korff's "work" has done nothing to honestly address any of the mysteries that intrigue those of us who have a penchant for stuff like this. He literally is just trying to stay relevant in an industry that left him behind over a decade ago, and again just to be clear I don't even buy the alien explanation that is supposedly at the heart of his conflict here. Now Shag Harbor and Rendelsham/Bentwaters and the Pennsylvania crash ... if Korff was serious about wanting to help people understand the unknown, why is he ignoring cases like those? And why does Stanton Friedman get off the hook? Heck he gave propz to Ray Santilli and the MJ-12 fiascos. I love Stanton and admire his tenacity, but why does he not get the same scrutiny as the dimwits with the Bigfoot suit?

"If the same rules don't apply to everybody they mean nothing" is one of my favorite lines from Captain Kirk, and it annoys the hell out of me to see this Korff cupcake applying different rules to different people, most importantly himself. He demands proof and verifiable evidence of his adversaries, yet offers nothing of such to back up his own idiotic claims, then gets cheezed off when those of us who just want to know what to think ask him for the same kind of veracity. The last straw was hearing the jerk start slamming the genuine service of people like Kevin and Don, as if you guys are also just making it all up, then playing the victim when told to very understandably STFU.

He's got a lot of problems and they aren't getting any better, but I'm glad that a pocket of reason is developing here and hope that others of those who have been victimized by Korff's pusillanimous self-aggrandizement and harassment stop by to add their voices to the fugue.