Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kal K. Korff and his laughable "operation"

Kal has put back up an old post where he says he is going to release documents in what he laughably says was a "classified operation" exposing some sort of corruption involved the shooting of his brother. If you notice in the video Kal likes to use the word "we" a lot to lead the viewer into believing Kal and his "operatives" - ahahahahahahahahahaha - sorry could not help bursting out into laughter there - are actually doing some sort of investigation.

Kal says this "operation" is the "subject of a FEDERAL LAWSUIT". It is true a lawsuit has been filed by Kal's brother. However, and to no surprise, Kal K. Korff is again MISLEADING CONSUMERS by claiming to be a part of this lawsuit.

Looks like Kal K. Korff is as much involved in this lawsuit as he was an "expert witness" in the OJ Simpson civil lawsuit. Kal is once again attempting to play games at the expense of his brother and taxpayers who are by the way consumers.

If Kal is playing such an large part in this, if Kal's "operation" is real, and Kal has all of this proof then he can prove it once and for all by being summoned to appear during the trial as a witness. Were I Kal's brother's attorney and Kal had all of this proof then I would use Kal as my star witness.

I'm rather certain the defense would love to get crazy Kal on the witness stand as Kal claimed his "organization" conducted soome sort of investigation about this case. If the lawyer for the defense in this case is smart they will summon Kal to court. I think the lawyers should also summon all of Kal's "operatives" and all of Kal's records to trial too including all files on the "special secret services". Can you imagine "colonel" Kal walking into a courtroom with that ridiculous cowboy hat? Ahahahahahaha! The defense would shred the poor, deluded bastard.

Kal also MISLEADS CONSUMERS by claiming his brother is innocent. Kal's brother is a CONVICTED FELON who may have been found not guilty of trying to kill a police man, but was FOUND GUILTY of trying to run over a police man with a car. If some scum tried to run me over with a car I bloody well would have shot him too! The man was convicted by a jury of his peers and his defense was paid for by taxpayers!

The other part which bothers me in all of this is Kal has been CAUGHT RED HANDED saying one thing and then claiming another! I know it isn't at all shocking to hear Kal is again playing games but this one really takes the cake. Kal claimed his "innocent" brother was just out walking around and hitched a ride with a car load of strangers who had (gasp!) just committed a crime and Kal's poor, poor brother was just a victim of circumstance.

Then Kal AMAZINGLY turns around and says his brother should have never been there and his brother should choose his friends better as if no one would notice the complete one-hundred eighty turn Kal made! From what I've found it turns out the people in the car testified AGAINST Kal's brother during the trial and that Kal was in the car from the beginning!!! Wow it's a conspiracy all the way around from the police to the crooks to the judges to the jury! At least that is the story "Conspiracy Kal" weaves hoping to ensnare consumers in his web of DECEIT.

From the sounds of it all Kal has somehow managed to obtain copies of this lawsuit and forensics stuff and is posting it in a poorly orchestrated move to somehow gain credibility and to MISLEAD CONSUMERS into believing Kal is playing some sort of integral role in the case. "Conniving Kal" at work once again doing what he does best by spinning and warping the truth for his own benefit and all at the expense of taxpayers and consumers!


Anonymous said...

I found this and it just goes to show what a criminal Korff's "innocent" brother really is


Not the first time -- A man wanted on a felony warrant should know by now that he can't hide from a police dog named Voorhies. The Josephine County sheriff's dog found Kurtis Kern Korff, 32, at 1044 Lakeshore Drive in Selma Wednesday morning as he was hiding behind a sheet in a small closet upstairs. Korff was arrested on a state parole and probation warrant for absconding. That's the second time Voorhies has helped in the arrest of Korff.

Anonymous said...

FYI - Kurtis Korff tried to leave the scene by running over a cop because Kurtis had a WARRANT FOR HIS ARREST and did not want to go back to jail. When that pompous asshole Kal says that the law says it is wrong to shoot someone trying to leave the scene it sure as hell isn't when they try to run you over with a car. Where do you get this fucking loony logic at Kal????? Every human being has a right to defend him/herself from any assault especially if the weapon used in that assault is a car! Are you so desperate to be right Kal that you'll actually stretch that sort of complete bullshit you're babbling???

And by the way since Kal isn't telling anyone else this his brother was sentenced to 40 months in prison and is a well known felon to law enforcement in Oregon. His brother has a long, long, long criminal record which anyone can request. Maybe I'll make that records request and post it here for all to see just how "innocent" his brother isn't.

Kal is an idiot said...

A very interesting news article on Kal's brother being caught by a police dog. What excuse can Kal dream up to claim this newspaper article is a fake? Perhaps Kal will protest the article's authenticity since the police dog was not interviewed?

Pat said...

While Kal's brother is a sidebar in all of this it really is sad to see Kal willingly manipulate his brother's situation in order to promote his own fantasies. I have seen no proof of Kal helping his brother at all. Surely if Kal can just drop into Oregon on a whim for a secret op then surely he could take the time to visit his brother.

Byt we all know Kal's excuse will be that he was "under cover" and had to maintain his "cover" during his op. Just watching Kal impersonating shooting a firearm tells me Kal knows nothing about firearms. That and listening to Kal talk about the shooting I would be very surprised if Kal has ever shot a gun in his life let alone owns one.

And it very clear that Kal has no real knowledge of how the courts and law enforcement work outside of perhaps a television drama.

Jackson said...

Yep, it's always someone else's fault or there's a conspiracy and cover-up when things don't get the way Kal Korff wants. Kal is like a little kid in a candy store and his mommy won't get him chocolate so he starts to kick and scream trying to get as much attention as he can until he gets what he wants.

Bad news for you Kal, this is the adult world now and adults can smell your bullshit coming from miles away. You aren't fooling anyone with this nonsense you keep spewing so you can knock it off and try to move on to something a bit more productive.

Anonymous said...

Kal doesn't know the least thing about law and how it works.
(Someone was once asked to define 'lawsuit'. He answered 'what a lawyer wears in court') LOL

Anonymous said...

It was a dark and stormy night, literally, in the woods of Oregon in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest when Kal Korff's dirtbag brother decided he didn't want to go back to jail so he tried to run a cop over with a car so he could escape. The cop decided to defend himself and shot Kal Korf's bro right in the head. Kal Korff's bro lived and was tried and convicted and shipped off to prison to serve a 3 years sentence he deserved for not being a productive member of society and for trying to harm a cop. The end.

Anonymous said...

I really don't want to get in to this, but after watching some of Kal's YouTube stuff, I'm beginning to be a bit offended at most of it. He has stepped way over the line.
Firstly, let me remind him of YouTube's policy - and I quote:
"There is zero tolerance for predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, invading privacy, or the revealing of other member's personal information. Anyone caught doing these things may be permanently banned from YouTube".
Secondly, (and the sources are too extensive to cite here) there are International laws against Internet crimes. some of which include 'harassment, threats, intimidation, character assassination. defamation, etc.
And the law does not look too kindly regarding those comments about police officers and public figures. Just ask the FBI.
(If a lady in the UK can sue and get a USD$40,000 judgement because someone online called her a 'prostitue and racist', just think of the possibilities Kal!).


Anonymous said...

Suing Korff might not be a bad idea. Just because he is in Prague does not mean he is untouchable. Korff is also required to continue paying income taxes since he is still an American Citizen. If osmeone has some time they might want to dig around about that and they should also seek records pertaining to criticalthinkers.org because the ".org" signifies it to be a nonprofit organization and thereby it would require it to conform to all nonprofit reporting and public requests for records. Does "criticalthinkers" have all of the right permits in place to be a nonprofit? Has it filed the appropriate paper work and filing status with the IRS? I hope so because tax evasion is a crime and the arm of the IRS is quite long these days.

kal sucks it said...

I would pay to see this Korff dolt in court testifying about all of the legal threats he made and never followed through with, why he hasn't published a single book in his bullshit 500 book deal, what happened to his massive volumes on Roswell he was supposed to put out last year, where the audit of Randle's book is, where this 3 year tv deal he had went, and fucking hotsticks this list could go on for a very long time.

Kal seems to love riding on the backs of everyone else including his poor imprisoned brother. How low is that? But then again I don;t expect anything less than the lowest from a slimeball like Kal.

Anonymous said...

How much longer must the absurdity of Kal K. Korff go on? Korff is an obsessed little man squarely fixated on a few people he believes to have wronged him by calling him out on his ludicrously over the top claims and exaggerations. There should be a picture of Korff in the dictionary next to the words absurd and disturbed.

Brad said...

Kal says in his video we should "wait to see those documents in a week to 10 days". Umm, Kal, it's been 14 days already. Where is all the documentation?

And why do you keep saying that there is forensic data coming from Washington, D.C.? We've already seen an email from Mr. Pex who doesn't have an office in Washington, D.C.!! (A side note: What do you want to bet Mr. Pex is wishing he had never heard the name "Korff" right now?)

Just Kal's usual fare of lies, half-truths, and never come to fruition promises.

Kal, even your own family knows you are completely full of shit!! How do you feel knowing your own flesh and blood squirm every time your name is mentioned?? And I'm sure that they love explaining to everyone they know that "Kal is just off in a fantasy world that we have nothing to do with". Man, that's got to suck. But something tells me that embarrassing your family doesn't even phase you anymore. And why should it? You're a bona-fide Colonel in a true-for-real Israeli founded, Saudi backed Secret Service!! Why Israel's mortal enemy Saudi Arabia is funding their organization is beyond me (and every middle-eastern scholar on the planet), but I guess it sounded good in rehearsal, huh?

Again, Kalvin, you are wasting valuable oxygen that other people need. If you stop all this nonsense now maybe you can attend a family reunion in a few years and only get spit on once or twice.

As always, lawsuits yadda yadda yadda Brad Hudson yadda yadda Dallas, Texas.

Anonymous said...

You know, I cannot imagine being Kal's family and having to answer questions from people about Kal. It must be god awful to have to withstand that sort of embarrassment all the time. I would be mortified at putting my family through any of that. Kal must be very callous indeed if he is willing to subject his family to this lunacy.

Anonymous said...

If Kal Korff was testifying in my defense I would commit suicide.

Squonkamatic said...

Is Kurtis Korff's middle initial also the letter K? If so you gotta suspect that his parents probably have one hell of a sense of humor to not just bless one but two of their offspring with the initials "KKK".

Anonymous said...

Dang - that ole hide-behind-the-sheet trick didn't work the second time, either:


"A man wanted on a felony warrant should know by now that he can't hide from a police dog named Voorhies. The Josephine County sheriff's dog found Kurtis Kern Korff, 32, at 1044 Lakeshore Drive in Selma Wednesday morning as he was hiding behind a sheet in a small closet upstairs. Korff was arrested on a state parole and probation warrant for absconding. That's the second time Voorhies has helped in the arrest of Korff."

Anonymous said...

WTF does some forensic documents prove? That Kal's brother wasted $90,000 in Oregon taxpayer dollars because he made the decision to try and run over a cop and got a bullet as a reward for making such a stupid fucking decision? Anyone can get those documents! Anyone! This proves absolutely nothing and it *does not* prove any of Kal's outlandish claims. And what happened when this was post at 6PM on Kal's site with him saying the documents were just 'hours away'? Jesus Christ, Kal! If you can't fucking deliver on simple papers why in the fuck do you think anyone would believe a word of your other nonsense you crazy dipshit?

Anonymous said...

We all know this means we'll only be hours away from laughing in Kal's pathetic face again. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
The special secret services? BWAHAHAHAHA!! "Colonel" Korff? BWAHAHAHA!!!! Supermodel? That chic is FUGLY!!!!

Thanks for keeping the laughs coming Kal. We can all depend on you to make us laugh with your bullshit. Now go crawl back under your rock you miserable little man.

Anonymous said...


Stop *LYING*, "Colonel".

Anonymous said...

I see Kal is off to nutty at a sprint today on his website. Kal Korff wrote to me in an e-mail that the Special Secret Services ran a behind the scenes campaign and got Sheriff Gil Gilbertson elected! I'm not kidding at all! But now Kal is claiming that it was just his family who voted for him.

This is classic Kal at work here. Kal will make a claim like getting this sheriff elected and if things turn out fine he takes credit. If things go south then Kal will make some excuse for it all.

Anonymous said...

By the by you all...I know Kal from High School and as a comment was made as to initials of his name...he, his brother and his sister all sport the initials KKK. His father was quite involved in the organization and sported it proudly on his liscense plate years ago...he grew up in Fremont and went to High School in the seventies, so that would make him a little older than the claimed 36, also. He was a bit kooky then, and sounds as if he still is. I live in Josephine County. I'd say Kurtis got what was coming to him, and so would most of my neighbors!!!