Sunday, June 8, 2008

Is Kalvin Korff empowering terrorists?

I say Kalvin is empowering terrorists by pretending to be this anti-terrorism expert and field agent. You know that every real terror expert or anti-terrorism officer is laughing their ass of at Kalvin's bullshit claims. Any terrorist stumbling across the rantings of Kalvin must laugh at pathetic Kalvin.

I wonder if Kalvin has ever thought that he is placing his own nutty life on the line. Why would that happen? If you think about it, suppose some terrorist takes anything Kalvin says half-seriously and decides to take Kalvin out of the picture. Could you picture Kalvin being involved in a real fight of any kind? Hahahahahaha! Kalvin, as he always has, would get his ass kicked, tuck his tail between his legs, and beg for mercy.

Maybe Kalvin is hoping this happens, hoping an attempt is made on his life so he can come forward and say "told you so" as he struts around Prague dressed in full camouflage while wearing that ridiculous looking cowboy hat. Didn't that Billy Meyer chap claim to have had an attempt made on his life because of some flying saucer nonsense? Perhaps Kalvin has taken a page out of Billy's playbook.

Kalvin, you are an embarrassment to your country and you dishonor the real soldiers in this battle with your fictional claims. You disgrace those who have given their lives fighting in the middle east and you bring shame to America.

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