Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kalvin Korff sells "the truth" for $29.95

I had a thought about Kalvin after reading this wonderful tid-bit posted in a forum and watching a few of his painful clips.

Kalvin seems to enjoy thinking he is some kind of centered, righteous, and moral truth seeker who martyrs himself a beacon of ethical standard. So why does a chap who says he has a $25,000,000.00 budget have to charge for any of this? Kalvin advertises at the end of one of his horrible clips that for $29.95 you can see his version of the truth about some backwood police department that shot his brother. And what did happen to truth cups and calendars and the rest of it?

One would think with Kalvin's self alleged computer expertise and his supposed $25,000,000.00 budget that he would have no problem offering this all free and online. And any argument from Kalvin that his supposed "investors" have to recoup their money, well, at $29.95 a pop Kalvin would have to sell over 800,000 units.

What this likely amounts to is Kalvin being desperate for money since he is no longer employed as a writer in Prague. The mighty "colonel" is forced to sell iPods to unsuspecting Czech citizens in order to scratch out a living? This is laughable and further illustrates Kalvin's lunacy and the lack of veracity or merit his claims have. I'm wondering who has actually laid down money for this garbage as it seems to me Kalvin is just recycling the same stuff he has been talking about for years now.

Kalvin is tool.


Anonymous said...

At the very start of this year, Kal posted on his site a document that was purportedly a "cease and desist" order from Martina to one of Kal's enemies. The document was a laughable fake, and - doubtless as a result of the guffaws it copped from Kal's readership - was deleted from within days. Before it was deleted, however, I managed to download a copy. If anyone wants to see it, you can check into my dedicated anti-Kal email address, (the password is "kalisatwat"). The document is is in the form of an attachment to the single email message you will find in the inbox.
In fact, I'd be honoured to see this pathetic document posted and featured on this blog sometime.
Best regards to one and all,
Jimmy D

Kal is an idiot said...

Thank you for this laughable document. I wonder how soon it will be until Kalvin starts sending me legal threats under Martina's name.

Andy said...

$25mil would buy a lot of Czech whores!