Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kalvin Korff and his legal threats

This is just one of many legal threats made by Kalvin Korff that will appear here. And it is indeed laughable. I am curious as to exactly how many of the multitude of threatened legal actions Kalvin actually followed through on. My guess would be zero.

It seems Kalvin is threatening to sue someone every other day. Wasn't his supposed adjunct "Avim" supposed to have testified at some legal proceeding and action was supposedly going to be taken immediately? I'll have to go back and check how many legal threats have been made by Kalvin. I recall Kalvin claiming he had a team of lawyers he was going to unleash. Whatever happened to that? Hell, what happened to all of the other events Kalvin claimed were "coming shortly"?

And has anyone else noticed how Martina's writing style and tone are the same as Kalvin's? I don't believe this to be coincidental. Kalvin has always misused commas.

Perhaps Kalvin, being the honest and ethical chap he claims to be, would supply the name and contact information for his horde of lawyers so it could be verified Kalvin actually has legal representation.


Kal is an idiot said...

Please leave a comment with details here if you have ever been the target of legal threats by Kalvin Korff.

Ralph said...

Kal Korff threatens to sue when someone calls him on his bullshit or makes fun of him. Kal Korff doesn't have the balls, the brains, or the money to carry through with any legal threat and it clear he doesn't have even a basic understanding of what constitutes slander or libel. The guy is living in a cluttered and cramped apartment in Prague! The closet in my hallway is bigger than the tuna can Kal is sleeping in. You're a dumbass Kal, so why don't you use your big bag special secret services resources, track me down, expose me, and then sue me you fucking loon. Kal, a clump of dirt can out think you. Critical Thinkers my ass.

Anonymous said...

I'd sue someone for claiming I was romantically involved with that dolt Kal K. Korff. What woman who wasn't on drugs or drunk would go out with that goon?

Anonymous said...

How about doing a screenshot of this edition of "Kal's Korner" ... which features a picture of a guy literally crapping himself. What s smooth, sophisticated sense of humour the "Colonel" has.

Page 9:

Anonymous said...

...and what about a separate section devoted to links to Korffisms (i.e. manglings of the English language), many spectacular examples of which you can find at:


Best regards,

Jimmy D

Anonymous said...

Does the "Colonel" think that the fact that this joke of a document has a watermark of Martina "proves" that it was written by her? In his disordered, battered mind, does he think that this watermark somehow bolsters its authenticity?

Anonymous said...

Kal is mentally ill and I am begining to fear for the safety of the citizens of Prague.

He is the type of guy who snaps and goes "postal" if you get my drift. he needs to be picked up and sent to a care facility.

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