Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kalvin Korff CAUGHT AGAIN!

Now that Kavlin has had time to load back up all the old data on his website after being taken to task for his past deeds of erasing data, poor old Kalvin is CAUGHT YET AGAIN!

Here on June 8th I questioned how Kalvin could expect anyone to believe his cracker jacks box of a website could ever receive 2,289,400 website hits. Well, magically, Kalvin now has 6,886,280 website hits in the span of less than one week. The wonderful traffic tracking website is a fabulous way of seeing just how much traffic a website is truly receiving. Kalvin's pathetically designed site isn't even in the top 100,000!!! Yet Kalvin actually expects the public to believe this?

Does this moron Kalvin actually expect anyone to believe that his website received 4,596,880 hits in the span of five days? Is he just STUPID? Is he on DRUGS? Is he off DRUGS?

With Kalvin inflating his website traffic, doesn't that qualify as consumer fraud? If you are trying to make it appear as though millions are coming to your website, are you not trying to bolster your popularity and your credibility to influence people? I say you are and I say it is not ethical to do so.

Just click on the picture at the bottom I took of Kalvin's website. Another very public and painful lesson for Kalvin to have to learn. people aren't aren't as stupid as you clearly are Kalvin. Don't worry, it only gets worse for Kalvin as I have some interesting news about some of Kalvin's claims for the whole world to see. Perhaps I should devote a blog entirely to "Kalvin Korff CAUGHT!"


Anonymous said...

I think we should file a lawsuit against Kal for Consumer fraud and exose him!!!

F1 racer

Anonymous said...

This blog should be called Kal Korff is a douche bag.

Anonymous said...

Still not very bright are you Kal?