Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kalvin Korff and his FALSE claim of having international "jurisdiction"

As we all know, Kalvin Korff claims to be a ranking officer in the supposed Special Secret Services. Kalvin stated as FACT his supposed Special Secret Services had global "jurisdiction."

The word "jurisdiction" means 1) the power, right, or authority to interpret and apply the law; 2) a. the authority of a sovereign power to govern or legislate, b. the power or right to exercise authority; 3: the limits or territory within which authority may be exercised.

Jurisdiction to a reasonable person would mean an officially sanctioned agency recognized by government, such as the military, appointed representatives, police officers, investigators, judges, courts, and the like. Kalvin's "organization" doesn't even qualify as an after school club as far as I am concerned.

While Kalvin carefully treaded and tried to MISLEAD the public into thinking the supposed anti-terrorism organization he claims to hold rank in was an official entity, all the while spinning tales of anti-terrorism work in Germany and being on assignment in Asia, the sad truth behind it all is Kalvin has CONFESSED that this supposed organization is "private." This means that Kalvin Korff is a PRIVATE CITIZEN with no more authority than the average person walking the streets.

Kalvin Korff desperately wants people to believe he has some sort of legal authority, some sort of power he is able to unleash upon those who would question his claims or find humor in his nonsense. Klavin has threatened to contact governments of people he has a beef with, Kalvin has claimed to have officially participated in anti-terrorism operations, he has said he is going to assign prosecutors in criminal cases, Kalvin claims he has launched "official" investigations, and the endless stream of piss Kalvin sprays everywhere goes on.

The painful truth is Kalvin has NO OFFICIAL authority. NONE. Not a "nano" of official authority of any kind. Kalvin's statement of having international "jurisdiction" is disingenuous and one further act of misdirection on the part of Kalvin in a pitiful attempt to intimidate those who question his patently absurd claims. Kalvin can claim his organization has an international mandate. Hell, anyone can create an organization and give rank unto self.

A little known fact is that I am a GENERAL in the Tactical Special Secret Services, better known as TS3. Here is a picture of my uniform displaying my rank and my tour and valor pins.

So I suppose this means that Kalvin Korff is accountable to me not only because I outrank him, but because the name of my organization is far cooler than his.


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff is an internet bully who tried to intimidate people through his endless threats of suing everyone under the sun. Kal has not filed one lawsuit against anyone! Not a single one! Kal wouldn't have the brass to come to the United States and face any of the people he says he is going to sue because he knows how full of shit he is. Kal Korff is allowing his mouth to write checks his fat ass can't cash.

Karl said...

Kal K. Korff a colonel fighting terrorists? Not that's a fucking laugh considering Kal couldn't cut it as a fucking private security guard. Come now Kal and tell these folks the truth about yourself before I do.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff a colonel?!?! Now that is the single funniest thing I have ever heard. Kal always talked about going into the military but never did it. Kal has always been a "want to be" in so many different professions. I see he got sick of wanting and decided to start pretending. Counter terrorism? Bwahahahahaha!!!! Kal has problems tying his own shoes. Please!

Anonymous said...

Korff is quite the delusional fraud with his "private" 'special secret service'. And how can you a military rank in a private organisation? Korff is such a deceiving tool.