Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kalvin Korff caught erasing data, hiding facts

Kalvin Korff has once again erased data from his website in a poor attempt to hide what he has written about others. I cannot count the number of times Kalvin has changed the format of his website and/or erased data. When you start erasing things this means you have something to hide. What's wrong Kalvin, open your big mouth again and realize it too late and you are now scrambling to cover it all up?

Kalvin won't stand by his words and in my eyes, among other reasons, makes him a COWARD who willfully and maliciously chooses to erase data to deceive consumers. Kalvin, your choosing to erase data when it doesn't suit you or makes you look like a complete asshole, which you do fine on your own, is disingenuous at best. Too bad for you that a copy is saved of everything you put on the Internet, you pathetic clown. Removing data is avoidance and your silence on this and many other issues surrounding you and coming down on you is deafening.


Anonymous said...

I see that hit-and-run Korff hasn't changed his tactics. The guy is a lunatic.

Anonymous said...

Superb blog. Should be required reading for all fantasists and liars.