Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kalvin Korff's past catches up with him!

Say hello to Ms. Michaela Kocis! Coming soon!

" Kal is an abusive somewhat delusional person."
Part of a Facebook message passed on allegedly from Michaela Kocis about fruticake Kalvin Korff. Got anything you'd like to say, Kalvin?


Philc said...

This blog is the gift that just keeps on giving. Run to the freakin' hills Michaela. A gal named Martina may be joining you soon.


Anonymous said...

The long trail of Korff disappointing people. Speaks volumes. Ring a bell Korff?

Anonymous said...

What I think is most surprising, is what the hell is this guy's real credentials? I mean, has anyone really looked into his background? Made phone calls? Wrote letters?

What is even more interesting is why the Czech people would put up with such nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff seems to trap these poor women into his fantasy world. Glad to see someone was smart enough to get out!

squonkamatic said...

This must have come up when I was in the hospital last summer for a couple days in June/July of 2008 then in bed recovering from surgery for a week or so after. Did we ever get a followup on this information? I just tried to contact Ms. Kocis via facebook again, I hope I didn't open up an old wound for the young lady.