Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kalvin Korff and his website "hits"

Kalvin Korff lists his website as receiving 2,289,400 hits. The painful truth is that these clearly inflated numbers are not true. According to statistics, Kalvin's sad website is ranked 5,141,225. Kalvin's website is not even in the top 100,000 worldwide.

For someone who is supposedly this computer expert with a 219 IQ, Kalvin certainly doesn't know much about web-design. While Kalvin adds content to his websites he does not write his own programming code. Instead, this supposed computer expert with a 219 IQ uses a free program for his designs. Kalvin has so often changed the formats and contents of his websites that unless you have been saving copies of his site, you won't see a lot of what Kalvin has erased.

Didn't Kalvin make some claim of having a revolutionary interface he was going to introduce to consumers? I believe he did. Kalvin also announced that he was offering "revolutionary" video editing software in the form of something called "videoglue." This is some old software that really never got to a good start in the market place. Why Kalvin would be calling this software "revolutionary" is a mystery. So where is all of this cutting edge technology Kalvin claims he is going to unleash on the public?

Another in a series of announcements by Kalvin that have no merit. Kalvin Korff, you are a joke and good for nothing but a laugh.

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