Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kalvin Korff and his Secret Wars book

Now I have no reason to believe that Kalvin didn't write a book on the subject, and the real question is how good and accurate of a book it is. Judging by Kalvin's now defunct column in which he rambled about WMD pieces being discovered and his blowing the lid off it all in spite of CIA protests, I think it likely not that great and Kalvin's claim of discovering WMD components a laugh. If Kalvin could prove any of this, he wouldn't have to worry about getting back on Larry King or any other news program for that matter. When Kalvin appears on FOX News with conclusive evidence of his WMD claim, I'll apologize and buy a copy of his book.

A reply from Prometheus Books was forwarded to my via a third party. Prometheus Books is the company Kalvin has been promising to show video of himself sending off the manuscript to the publisher. Kalvin has claimed on countless occasions that Prometheus Books is going to publish his book later this year. NOT SO according to a Prometheus Books representative. You might note the representative who responded and also sent the message to numerous people at Prometheus Books. Curious and I wonder why this was sent to so many people.

Subject: RE: Book Inquiry
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008
To: ******

Thank you for your interest in Prometheus books.

At this point, Secret Wars is on hold indefinitely.

Customer Service

All in all, Kalvin's claims of sending off his book for publication appear to have little to no merit at this time. So why has Kalvin been on about his book getting published? Is he a LIAR? Does he even know Prometheus has put the book ON HOLD? Will the book see the light of day through a LEGITIMATE publishing house? Is Kalvin ON DRUGS? Why would Kalvin say his book is being published when this is NOT TRUE?

If Kalvin has known Prometheus Books was putting the book on hold indefinitely and has not informed the public, this means Kalvin has been LYING to the public and would be GUILTY of CONSUMER FRAUD by MISLEADING the public. When can we expect Kalvin, the self appointed and supposed righteous truth seeker and ethical beacon, to come forward?


Nancy said...

Golly, what a surprise. NOT!

Anonymous said...

LMFAO! Good job calling Kal Korff out and exposing his silly claims! When will we see your 500 book deal get published Kal? LOL! Kal is a bozo! LOL!

Anonymous said...

You do realize Kal doesnt have the courage to respond to any of these truths?

he will just close his ears and go "la la la I dont hear you" and go on lying.

F1 racer

Anonymous said...

I hereby issue a challenge to Kal Korff. Friday at noon i will be under the horse on Wensceslas Square (if you live here you know exactly what that means). I hereby challenge Kal Korff to meet me and PROVE his many claims such as the Kevin Randle audit, the 500 book deal, his nanobots, his membership in the Secret Services etc.

Kal if you choose to IGNORE this you will be ADMITTING TO CONSUMER FRAUD AND LYING in which case you will be EXPOSED to the Internet and the world. bring all the Israeli bodyguards you can muster (lol) if you are too scared to come alone.


F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

F1 racer giving Kal to face one of his toughest critics? Kal reads this blog we all know that. Will kal be man enough and ethical enough to show up? Will Kal have the courage to show and actually confront a room with a real person in it?

Nancy said...

Good to know we won't have to WADE THROUGH A BOOK WITH LARGE FONT AND OVERUSED EXCLAMATION MARKS! Kal Korff is a joke of a writer. His books are full or errors and he always uses a large font to make his books appear large.

Anonymous said...

Prometheus probably knows what a fruitcake Korff is and won't go near his book.

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff has talked endlessly about writing a national security book. Kal likes to jump on bandwagons and hot topic issues so he can try and get some attention and money. He did it with JFK when the assassination was in the news again, Kal did it with Roswell when that topic was hot, and so now Kal hopped on the 9-11 wagon hoping to cash in. Real nice Kal trying to cash in on dead people and the assholes who killed them.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Why would Korff mention his book is on hold indefinitely? Korff also didn't mention (when his brother was shot) that his brother was also guilty of burglary and assault which happend prior to the shooting, nor did Kal mention his 'innocent' brother had prior convictions.
Korff leaves stuff out when its pretty convenient to do so, otherwise people might get the wrong impression (a.k.a. the truth). Korff is a deceiving asshole.