Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kalvin caught AGAIN!

Poor old Kalvin can't seem to get anything done though he loves espousing that he is a guy who "gets things done." In this silly youtube video you can hear Kalvin ramble about someone he clearly hates, a chap named Kevin Randle. Kalvin says that he is having well known accounting firm KPMG audit some UFO book by Kevin Randle who is apparently Kalvin's nemesis of some sort. Perhaps our phony colonel Kalvin despises This Kevin Randle because Kevin Randle is a ranking officer in the United States military? With Kalvin I don;t think he really needs a reason to hate anyone. DOn;t be a hater Kalvin.

Of course Kalvin says the results of this KMPG will be spectacular and that one of his cronies is going to contact this Kevin Randle with a list "soon." I don;t think Kalvin understands what the word "soon" really means. Kalvin has the English skills of dried monkey dung. Kalvin says "soon" and this was over 10 months ago. By the way a quick phone call to KMPG's offices and they've never heard of Kalvin or this supposed book audit. It really isn't difficult at all to get in touch with KPMG's media people.

Kalvin caught in yet another lie. Where is your dignity and ethics colonel Kalvin? Oh Kalvin you should know that KPMG won't accept an i-Pod as payment. Dork.

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