Monday, June 16, 2008

Kalvin Korff and his English "skills"

Looks like unknowing people in the Czech Republic might be letting wacky Kalvin Korff into their homes so he can cook for them. Personally, I'd never let this lunatic into my home. Let's hope Kalvin's cooking skills are better than his English skills.

Click on the picture I took of Kalvin's website where he writes "I am pleased to announce that this Tuesday evening, June 17th, Martina Týčová and I will be meeting with Mrs. Barbora Dujkova and six of her wonderful colleagues for a very special filming and edition and relaunch of the knew Kal's Korner Dinners Internet-based RealityTV show. In this series, we cook free dinners for Czechs and other European families, and by sharing a meal we engage in real cultural exchange and make new friends and acquaintances. Barbora is celebrating a very special event, which we'll share with you on the new show. Stay tuned."

So does Kalvin Korff "armed" with his high IQ not know the difference between "knew" and "new"? No wonder Kalvin was mocked and harshly criticized by readers of his column where Kalvin laid claim that he was teaching people to communicate in English. How in the world did Kalvin manage to get any books published? By the way, I am picking up a few of Kalvin's books in the bargain bin at the local bookstore and library. Reviews to follow.


Anonymous said...

Ever heard of the word "amature"? Or the word "cuzin"? See here:

Anonymous said...

Kal has finally changed his mistake. What idiot doesn't know the difference between 'new' and 'knew' ???????????? 219 IQ my ass!

Anonymous said...

Still trying to be a professor in some capacity, eh Kal? You should have stayed in college you fucking dipshit. Well you would have probably flunked out anyhow you weirdo.