Sunday, June 22, 2008

More PROOF Kalvin Korff is an IDIOT

Not that more is required, but here I present further PROOF that Kalvin Korff is an IDIOT.

Kalvin, who cannot tell the difference between "knew" and "new," outdoes himself by not knowing the basic difference between "gall" and "gaul." You can see a picture I took of Kalvin's website with the sentence where he misuses the word "gaul." Kalvin has already gone back and hastily corrected the "knew" mistake, and I suspect he will quickly retreat to correct this latest in a series of amateur mistakes.

For Christ's sake Kalvin, buy a dictionary and at least a fundamental English writing skills book. And you dare call yourself an "author"? Having a few books published does not make you a true author, Kalvin. How in the HELL can someone claiming to have a 219 IQ confuse "gall" and "gaul"? HOW??? Kalvin, are you really THAT fucking STUPID? Of course you are. Kalvin should realize that since he holds the rest of the world to a supposed higher standard, he should be fully prepared to answer to a much higher standard.

I've been reading some of Kalvin's "books" as of late, which are are the most dry and boring books I've been subjected to. Kalvin rambles on about himself, overuses CAPITAL LETTERS and exclamation marks all to the detriment of each page. Page after page your eyes are assaulted with disjointed, mind numbing sentences and a logic so flawed at times it wouldn't fool a five-year-old at Christmas. Kalvin, your books are PAINFUL to read.

As I've stated, Kalvin Korff IS AN IDIOT!


Brad said...

I see the great 'teacher' who has no college degree is still fucking up the English language! Way to go Kal you fucking loser.

Anonymous said...

And a few more of his...
"Green day"
"San Franciso"
"friend of our named.."


Anonymous said...

Callin Kal Korff a village idiot is being kind and giving Kal far too much credit.

Karl said...

How about chaning the name of this blog to Kal K. Korff is a Douche Bag? 219 I.Q. my ass! kal K. Korff couldn't analyze his way out of a wet paper sack with a flame thrower.

Anonymous said...

You need to take your daily dosage of Vitamin Clue, "Colonel".

Anonymous said... (nice pic)
do a google search, shes in hawaii now...far away from Kal.

F1 racer

Anonymous said...

Kal Korff's IQ is the equivalent to the size of his dick = .01 I wonder if Kal would be willing to take an IQ test given by a third party and have it filmed and the results posted for the world to see. I'm just kidding, Kal's IQ is probably .02

Anonymous said...

Kal is a loser