Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kavlin caught RED HANDED on his profile

Kalvin has been caught LYING yet again. Sad but true for our dear old colonel. Now Kalvin may go back and change his profile to cover his tracks. We all know how well versed Kalvin is in covering things up. But I have done a screen capture of Kalvin's profile where he claims to be 36 YEARS OLD!!! A bit hard for someone who graduated from high school in 1981 to be sure.

I'm sure Kalvin will quickly rush in saying it was a typo or that one of his non-existent adjuncts made a mistake on the profile. Is Kalvin using this in some sort of attempt to attract and ensnare young Czech women? Judging from the washed up supermodel who has clearly seen many better days I wouldn't put it past Kalvin. The lonely little clown would probably do anything for a little company.

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