Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kalvin Korff and O.J. Simpson

Surfing around I discovered yet another claim by Kalvin that appears to have been shot down. Kalvin said he was an "expert witness" in the civil trial of the infamous O.J. Simpson. A chap named Paul Kimball, who apparently is a graduate from a Canadian legal school, challenged Kalvin on this claim taking Kalvin to task and it ending with Kalvin threatening to expose yet one more person who didn't blindly buy into Kalvin's bullshit. Be sure to read the exchange in the comments section between Paul Kimball and Kalvin where Mr. Kimball hands Kalvin his own ass.

Indeed, Kalvin Korff's name is not associated anywhere with the civil action against O.J. Simpson. Kalvin did not testify at the civil trial in any capacity. Kalvin has even claimed that he was working for the prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson criminal trial. Yet again Kalvin's name cannot be found anywhere in association with this case.

You would think with the wild media coverage the O.J. Simpson cases received that Kalvin's name should be easily located somewhere. However, it cannot be found on any legal documents filed with the court, Kalvin's name is not in any of the police reports, nor is his name found on any of the civil documents including the witness list. Shouldn't an expert witness be on a witness list?

But dear old Kalvin puts his spin on it claiming he was a witness and took the road he always takes when caught. Regarding his being called out, Kalvin wrote, "What you or anyone "believes" or not, doesn't matter and won;t change things." Kalvin is above proving any of his outlandish claims, but he has no problem employing a double standard for everyone else. Typical.

Personally, I think this connection with Kalvin and O.J. runs much deeper than Kalvin would be willing to ever admit.


OJ said...

I don;t roll with ugly nutty bitches like Kal Korff!

Anonymous said...

Kal K. Korff was NEVER an expert witness in the OJ Simpson trial. kal K. Korff is a LIAR in this regard and I'm sure many others. Just contact Fred Goldman's attorney who will state he's NEVER heard of Kal K. Korff.