Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kalvin Korff and his supposed terrorism book

Kalvin has been talking for years now about getting his book on terrorism published. But there are some oddities surrounding this book regaled by kalvin as the be-all end-all mother of terrorism books.

In 2004, a magazine called Skpetical Inquirer published an article about some piece of bigfoot film by none other than Kalvin Korff and a Czech woman named Michaela Kocis (much more on Michaela later and Kalvin's ties to Czech women). The article was published in 2004 and by scrolling to the bottom of the page you can see Kalvin's so-called biography where it mentions his terrorism book would be published later that year. has Secret Wars listed as a book published in November 2004 and is listed as being ranked as 4,154,262 on the best sellers list. is the only major bookseller with a listing and the book is not available for purchase. It is listed as being published by Prometheus Books which is a company that has published Kalvin's books previously.

Then in an interview found online I found Kalvin stating, " I have been secrety involved in fighting against organized terrorism since 1980, and in my new book I start off right away talking about this."

Working as a delivery driver, a computer tech support operator, and a security guard, I am curious where Kalvin had the time to secretly fight terrorism in California since he was a senior in high school at John F. Kennedy High in Fremont, California.

I am also curious how many more times Kalvin will say he is going to send his new terrorism book off? A real possibility here is that the publisher has discovered how big of a nut Kalvin is and has decided to not waste their money or the paper printing Kalvin's book. My humble opinion of Kalvin, who is a public figure, is that he comes off as being a complete nut with his over the top exaggerations and outright fictional claims.

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