Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kalvin Korff caught

Looks as though Kalvin Korff has once again opened his enormous mouth and stuck both feet right on in. Now, I don't know much about this flying saucer business and personally think it a waste of time. Though, in this case, since it involves that quarter-wit Kalvin Korff, I'll pay it some mind.

Kalvin has been down on some members of the flying saucer circle and seems to have a real hard on for these chaps, particularly a fellow named Kevin Randle. You see, Kalvin authored a book he claims disproves this Roswell flying saucer stuff. This Kevin Randle lad has written a few books saying it all happened. Kevin Randle also appears to be a real officer in the military and I'm quite sure this burns Kalvin to no end since he has never been in the military.

Apparently Kalvin is so desperate to go at this Kevin Randle fellow, and Kalvin is easily confused, that Kalvin can't even interpret a passage in a book correctly and instead twisted it for his own need. You can read all about it at this blog by a chap named Paul Kimball, the same guy who filed the hilarious and spot on bit "Kal Korff is fucking crazy." Kalvin is apparently not too fond of Paul Kimball, which of course gives me due to think this Paul Kimball chap is not all that bad.

In viewing Kalvin's videos and viewing his website, Kalvin enjoys harshly taking people to task for their supposed errors in research and other areas. I've also noticed Kalvin is rather quick to demand apologies and threaten to take legal action. I suppose this all qualifies as SLANDER and LIBEL and DEFAMATION as Kalvin would write it. So when do we get see Kalvin apologize to this Kevin Randle fellow? Will Kalvin be a man about it and apologize? Doubtful.


Anonymous said...

Kal is a bonafide idiot.
Im glad you created this blog i will be checking it almost daily.

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

Where is it, you nutjob? Come on - where is it?

"Video of Kal Korff Mailing Off Nanobot Components Appears Tomorrow
News - Latest
Written by Public Relations
Monday, 02 June 2008 02:42
Martina Týčová has confirmed that video showing Kal Korff mailing off nanobot components to everyone from Rob McConnell of the X Zone Radio Show to Sheriff Gil Gilbertson, Deputy Jim Geiger and DA Stephen Campbell, (as long promised), will be posted on the Internet for the world to see tomorrow.

"The posting of this video makes liars out of certain parties," explained Kal Korff. "These people know who they are, and so do we. We look forward to releasing videos about them and identifying them publicly, which is what they fear the most. Transparency, accountability, and public exposure. Such people deserve it.."


Kal is an idiot said...

I have much more interesting information that I will reveal here about Kalvin Korff. I'm just waiting for the proper time.